Shower Scenes: Exterior Windows in the Shower

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Image: ArchDaily

Some close friends of mine recently purchased and moved into a pretty dang amazing contemporary home in a new neighborhood just outside of Austin. While the neighborhood is somewhat remote (each home’s lot backs onto a wooded greenbelt) I’m afraid the builder of my friends’ new place either thought there’s more privacy than there actually is, or that whomever bought the house would have exhibitionistic tendencies. You see, one of the walls of the master bathroom’s shower is floor to ceiling glass and—you guessed it—it’s an exterior wall that allows a full view of the shower’s occupant from the back of the house. This got me wondering if there’s a new trend of exterior windows in showers. After a bit of research, I found quite a number of examples. I thought I’d share a few with you.

A Discreet View

Shower Scenes: Exterior Windows in the Shower

Image: 100 Decors

I actually think a window in the shower is a good thing – my own has a small window that opens to allow for ventilation (and, just like everyone who has one, the window inset gets used to store a variety of soapy products). However, I tend to prefer the kind that gives the user of the shower a nice view out without having to worry about who might be looking in. Such is the horizontal strip of window shown above. And, by adding an integrated shelf below the faucet, this design helps keep the windowsill clean and clear.

The Full Monty

Shower Scenes: Exterior Windows in the Shower

Image: Residence

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s an integrated shower/vanity that opens entirely to the outdoors. With the right level of privacy, I see the appeal—but what if you have houseguests who happen to wander into the adjoining outdoor space?


Shower Scenes: Exterior Windows in the Shower

Image: remash

Here’s another example of a shower inside the house that leads to an outdoor space via a sliding glass door. This one features a slatted wood walkway and deck, which I think is very smart. My question about privacy remains, however.


Shower Scenes: Exterior Windows in the Shower

Finally, a glass-enclosed shower that uses frosted glass for privacy. Ahhh…

Could you deal with showering in front of a glass exterior wall?

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