Simple is the New Black: Create High-Impact Interiors by Editing Your Décor

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Image: Lachlan Moore for ArchitectureAU

What could be better than learning you can create fantastic interiors by doing less? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But going simple with your décor is not as easy as it may seem. It takes great discipline – and a discerning eye for what makes a well-balanced, but sparsely, decorated space work. If you’ve been eager to try your hand at the “less is more” aesthetic, then let’s take a look at – and see what we can learn from – a few outstanding examples.

What could be simpler than this bedroom? It’s made up of a floating bed with floating night tables, and two understated pendants. Add in the subtly textured rug, and you’re all set. For me, what make this an amazing space are the juxtapositions of textures and colors. Finally, the glimpse of the hallway graphic is the cherry on this minimalist sundae.


Modern Bright Living Room
Image: Jeff Green Photography

If there were a mantra for how I think of these simple spaces, it would be “Simple means serene.” This living room uses subtle neutral colors, just enough textures, and low contrast art to bring serenity into the space.

One Feature

Bathroom with Black Tiles
Image: designboom

Another way to master the simple décor technique is to choose one element or feature and repeat that throughout. This bathroom includes square tiles, only varying in the colors chosen, on every structural surface except the ceiling.


White Brick Kitchen Wall
Image: Trendland

I mentioned that it takes a keen eye for paring back to the essential needs of a space in order to succeed with a simple look. In this kitchen, that meant omitting the standard upper cabinets in favor of a long shelf storing and showing off the basic tools of the home chef. It’s not bare; it’s just enough.

Shine a Light

Modern Wood Dining Room
Image: Jason Madara

Another way to accomplish simple décor is to bring focus to what may already be present in your space – like the beautiful woods belonging to this dining nook. Classic chairs in the same color palette as the wood surfaces are all that’s needed to complete this room and make it a stunner.

How would you take one of your rooms and go simple?

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