SINGING YOUR SONG: I Left My Heart In San Francisco

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Photo courtesy of Eric Heikkinen

There are countless odes and ballads dedicated to great cites around the world, but few are as romantic and timeless as “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” by Tony Bennett. Released in 1962, the song’s appeal can easily be attributed to the nostalgic lyrics, the simple melody and Bennett’s smooth vocal performance. We’re leaving our hearts with you, by showing a few designs that come to mind when listening to this classic tune.


A contemporary jazz classic, the tone and mood of the song seamlessly complement this romantic contemporary kitchen. Photo courtesy of About Space Studios.


The love ballad speaks of loneliness and longing, which instantly brings to mind a gorgeous piano isolated in a minimalist space. Photo courtesy of Birdseye Building.


The immaculate fogged glass closet fits perfectly into the world Bennett sings of, as we envision a polished gentlemen getting ready for a day in San Francisco, singing the line “the morning fog may chill the air.” Photo courtesy of Transform Home.


This sun-filled entry awaits the singer upon his return, where he croons “Your golden sun will shine for me.” Photo courtesy of Mak Design and Build.


Few things would be more satisfying to the song’s speaker than a hillside home with a terrace view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Photo courtesy of The Garden Route Company.

What’s your favorite city in the world and why do you love it?

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