Skirted Table Solutions: Add Personality to a Table

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Image: Architectural Digest

It all started when I began the hunt to find a meeting table for my new office. The corner where the table would be located is tight, but I wanted to maximize surface areas as much as I could; this resulted with me coming up with the not so popular diameter of 42 inches. I looked high and low for something I loved, would fit the style of my office, was within my budget, and right around my ’perfect’ size. After about a month of searching, a light bulb went off in my head: I realized that a skirted table was the answer to all of my woes.

In a word, skirted tables are awesome. They instantly take an ordinary table up 10 notches on the classy scale; plus, selecting a fabric and material that blends with (and compliments) the rest of the upholstery in the room is the perfect way to repurpose an old table that doesn’t quite fit with your décor. To solve my 42 inch meeting table dilemma, I found a classroom supply website with a variety of table diameters and ordered from them knowing that it doesn’t matter what the top and base look like – all I need to do is have a cloth made in the fabric of my choice and problem solved!

To assist you in jumping on the skirted bandwagon, here are four skirted table applications that you can use to freshen up the existing tables in your home.

Skirted Dining Tables

Images: (Left) Elle Décor via The Lovely Lifestyle, (Right) Jane Showers via Splendid Sass

Skirted dining tables are one of my favorite applications. They always look beautiful, and really give the dining room a really “put together” vibe. Because dining spaces are often lacking in upholstery pieces, this is also a great way to add extra softness, pattern, and color.

Skirted Console Tables

Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pawley Island Posh

Console tables can be tough to find in the exact width, depth, and height you need, so a skirted console can be a great solution. You can have a simple plywood table made or DIY to your exact specifications; then, cover it with a perfectly tailored cloth for instant designer style. Pleated corners and other embellishments, such as tape trim and corner ties, add to the decorative aesthetic; they really make the cover feel purposeful, and not like a generic afterthought.

Skirted Center Tables

Image: Architectural Digest

Center tables are the perfect fillers for an awkward space. In large entries and great rooms they help fill up the space and provide an extra surface to display collectibles, books, and lighting. The skirt really makes the center table stand out in the photo above. It’s the perfect pop of color, and the simple striped design at the base adds a subtle graphic element. The room just wouldn’t have the same feel without it.

Skirted Side Tables

Images: (Left) Laura Casey Interiors, (Right) Lon Ny

Skirted side and end tables serve the same purpose as other skirted applications. They both add softness to the space; however, a skirted side table placed next to your bed or reading chair can also provide extra storage for baskets of magazines or blankets that you don’t necessarily want out on display. Likewise, if you have matching side tables and want to mix things up without spending a lot of money, simply add a skirt to one of them. When redecorating a living space, covering a table with a skirt has the same quick and easy freshening and transforming effect as swapping out old pillows for new ones.

Do you have any tables at home just waiting for a skirted make-over? Share your thoughts on the skirted table trend below!

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