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With more than 25 years of experience in the interior design industry, Nava Slavin has brought her signature, traditional-meets-contemporary style to homes and businesses with her company, The Creative Edge Inc. As the President and CEO of the Long Island-based design firm, Nava—who has a degree in architecture and is affiliated with the industry’s leading professional organizations—knows that the secret to a stunning space is designing one that can grow with a family, while maintaining a sleek, timeless appeal.



The Interior Collective chatted with Nava about her style, what brought her to the industry, and more below!

Tell us about your background and how you got into the interior design industry.

I went to school for architecture, which led me to where I am today as the Chief Designer and President of my company The Creative Edge.


How would you describe your design style?

Although my personal style is contemporary, I love to design for every taste and  style.

Why do you like working with Caesarstone quartz surfaces?

I like to use the Caesarstone surfaces a lot: I find the quality, color & design selection to be great. Caesarstone wears so well.

You can see more of Nava’s work on The Creative Edge, Inc’s website.

Which of Nava’s designs do you like the best! Tell us what you think of the work in the comments below!

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