Spring Flowers for a Modern Space

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As the earth awakens each spring, it’s hard to resist rounding up nature’s loveliness in bunches and bouquets. From multicolored rows of tulips to pale pink cherry blossoms overhead, spring flowers are a beautiful reminder of the season. While images of intricate arrangements make their way around the Internet, those with more modern sensibilities may be at a loss. Don’t fret! Spring flowers needn’t be busy or ornate. Try these tips to create arrangements perfect for the modern or minimalist home.

Create a collection of bud vases

Modern Spring Floral
Image: Style at Home

I love the simplicity of a single flower. And when grouped using a collection of vases in different colors and sizes, the result can be amazing! Bud vases are easy, low-cost vessels for the perfect spring bloom and are available in an array of modern shapes. Arrange them on a table or mantle for a deconstructed, spring bouquet.

Add flowering branches to a vignette

 Spring Florals
Image: Nuevo Estilo

A simple arrangement of flowering branches instantly adds interest to existing tablescapes and vignettes. Try this tip in entries and hallways to inject spring color while keeping with your home’s modern appeal. I love the height created by the branches in the image above. It adds drama without the fuss of a traditional arrangement.

Use branches as a focal point

 Spring Florals
Image: Elle Décor Spain

Instead of grouping your arrangement with other decorative items, use alone as a focal point within a minimalist space. In the image above, flowering branches introduce a sculptural element to this modern dining area. Their delicate blossoms also offer a counterpoint to the room’s darker color and sleek furnishings.

Try the ease of decorative bowls

 Spring Floral
Image: Style at Home

Use decorative bowls instead of vases for a relaxed take on spring florals. Matching the approach used for bud vases, bowls can be grouped for impact or used alone atop tables or other surfaces. Try the contrast of dark and light, as with all the examples above, for a modern statement.

Whether in bud vases or bowls, alone or with accessories, spring flowers can be at home in any modern setting. Remember restraint, contrast, and simplicity when arranging and enjoy the beauty of spring! I personally love magnolia blossoms.

Which flower would you choose for a modern arrangement?

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