Subtle Ways to Decorate for the Seasons

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Image: Kristofer Johnsson on Emmas Designblogg

I come from a family where decorating the house shifts with the seasons—something I’ve resolutely resisted all of my adult life. The one exception is the holiday season. I’m one of those people who likes to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Don’t hate me for it. Other than that, I would rather make small changes to my décor to reflect the changing seasons.

Adding layers is an easy and practical way to acknowledge the advent of fall and winter (note: if you’re reading this from the southern hemisphere, bookmark this post and read it in six months or so!). Achieving this in a stylish manner is as simple as choosing a trendy pattern like the Swiss cross, shown on the blanket above.


Plaid Winter Bedspread
Image: Desire to Inspire

There are other ways to say “Hello winter!” Try switching out your bedding with lumberjack plaids to signal the changing seasons. These wardrobe inspired ideas of using layers and patterns can provide you with your own subtle seasonal décor.

Add Antlers

Antler Pillow
Image: Vixen Goods

Turkeys, snowmen, and snowflakes may come to mind as tried-and-true images of fall and winter, but I prefer to lean toward the unexpected—like antlers. Not only do they add a touch of season to your home like this pillow, but you can also create a small gallery using actual (or replica) antlers. The possibilities are endless!


Displayed Outerwear
Image: The Cavender Diary

I know it may sound crazy—and only the most daring would do this on the scale shown above—but using a prominent space in your home to display your outerwear is an unexpected way to winterize your home.

How do you bring subtle seasonal décor into your home?

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