10 Gorgeous Bedroom Chandeliers

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Image: Martha O'Hara Interiors

Nothing says glamour like a chandelier, which is why they have become the superstars of the lighting world. They are statement pieces, focal points and true beauties that naturally become the nucleus of every room they grace. This is why they are obvious choices for dining rooms, grand foyers, and lofted living rooms.

When installed in an unexpected place - like a bedroom - they become the center of attention in the most graceful and wonderful ways. Below is a collection of 10 lovely chandeliers that have transformed these bedrooms into works of art, true sleeping beauties.

1. Bowl-Shaped

Bowl Shaped Chandelier

The wavy lines of this bowl-shaped fixture above make this chandelier breathtaking. It has the softness of a doily, yet its large size combined with the soft blues of the painted ceiling make the chandelier the dominant focal point in this bedroom.

2. Soft White

Classic White Chandelier

Image: Jamie Herzlinger

The soft whites and neutrals of this bedroom are accentuated by the large scale of this stunning fixture. In addition to its size, the classic lines of this chandelier create a softness that makes the room simply stunning.

3. Glamorous

Kirakrumm Glamour Chandeliers
Image: Miromar Design Center

Sometimes, you just can't get enough of a good thing, which is certainly the case with these chandeliers. The soft, symmetrical beauty they bring into this bedroom adds glamour and balance to the room.

4. Black

Tracy Murdoch Black Chandeliers
Image: Tracy Murdock

There is nothing subtle about this ornate pair of chandeliers that flank the canopied bed in this master suite. The glossy black color and dangling gems are bold, yet sophisticated - adding drama to the room.

5. Quirky

Kimberly Peck Quirky Loft Chandelier
Image: Kimberly Peck

This loft bedroom has a lot of charm with its brick walls, high ceilings, and clean lines. The geometric shape of this chandelier adds an unexpected, quirky design element to the room. Its’ aerial lines make it appear as though it's floating, adding a bit of whimsy to the space.

6. Organic Antler

Artistic Design Organic Antler Chandelier
Image: Artistic Designs for Living

This nontraditional chandelier brings beautiful organic lines into this linear room. Geometric shapes found in the furniture, artwork and windows are broken up by the smooth organic lines of the twisting antlers. I love the way the light bulbs move around the chandelier adding softness to the fixture.

7. Eclectic

Jenkins Baer Eclectic Chandelier
Image: Jenkins Baer Associates

This bedroom is made perfectly eclectic because of the iconic crystal chandelier that hangs above the foot of the bed. It brings a glamorous, feminine quality to the more masculine wood tones, and chunky lines. It is a charming balance that makes the space beautiful and fun.

8. Capiz Shell

Roger Davies Capiz Chandelier
Image: Roger Davies

This traditional bedroom could easily host a traditional chandelier. Instead, the designers added this oversized capiz shell chandelier which complements the soft colors of the room. The tiered shells converge and draw your eye to the center of the room, cleverly separating the bed from the sitting area.

9. Blue

Pat Healing Blue Chandelier
Image: Pat Healing

The bold use of blue in this bedroom brings the whole space together. The black frame and the blue ombre shades play off the simple color palette of the bedroom and serve as an impactful centerpiece.

10. Geometric

Pendant Contemporary Chandelier
Image: Wendy Mills

The bright interiors of these pendant chandeliers add a pop of unexpected color that brings the whole room together. The playful primary colors and quirky geometric lines work off of the other design elements in the room.

Chandeliers clearly have the ability to function as impactful pieces that can make a dramatic effect in the bedroom. They create a special ambience and can serve as beautiful and sculptural pieces in any bedroom.

Do you have a chandelier in your bedroom? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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