That's So Not 70's: 3 Ways Paneling is Making a Comeback Without the Shag Carpet

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Remember the icky paneling everyone seemed to have in their homes in the 1960s and 1970s? Well, if you think paneling is still like that, take a look at some of these more current rooms featuring the modern version. Including everything from the look of a luxury chalet to the tailored minimalism that comes with combining wood and steel paneling, I think you’ll be inspired to re-think paneling as an option.

Bed Panel

Bed Panel
Image: Marcus Lawett

While this bedroom detail shows some terrific traditional wood paneling, the real revelation in this space is the sheer amount of detail. Using an entire wall as a headboard is an inspired solution that sets this room apart. It takes something truly special to make this idea work—and paneling this rich is just the ticket.

Bring the Outside Inside

Outside Inside
Image: Plastolux

Extending your paneling detail from the landing through into the entryway of your home is another way to utilize the wooden wonder of paneling in a modern way. Bring the outside in with this treatment and tie your spaces together while adding plenty of visual texture and interest.

Tailored Minimalism

Tailored Minimalism
Image: Desire to Inspire

Pairing an extended and sleek brushed metal fireplace surround with sophisticated wooden-paneled walls and shelving results in a smart and stylish space. Remember to bring your own inspiration to your use of paneling—combining a wall of wood panels with other materials that you are drawn to will help make a statement in your own home unlike what will be seen elsewhere.

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