The Greatest of All Time: Muhammad Ali Makes Another Comeback. This Time in Design.

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While researching this post, I quickly discovered that I’m not the only one who’s noticed the GOAT trend. GOAT, of course, is the popular acronym for Muhammad Ali’s moniker, “Greatest Of All Time.” It seems Ali is just as popular on the wall as in the ring – black and white portraits of the legendary boxer are popping up everywhere. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to get on board with this strikingly sophisticated trend!

Make GOAT Work in Any Room

French designer Marianne Tiegen chose a portrait of the champ for the living room of this Parisian apartment. The imagery hangs in contrast to the softness of the home’s billowing drapes and historic architectural details.

Muhammad Ali Interior
Image: Vogue Living Australia

Soledad Alzaga makes a strong statement in this dining room by using a 1966 portrait of the boxing great. Like our living room example, the photo is juxtaposed with historic architecture, such as the original molding and fireplace surround.

Statement Interior
Image: Rue Magazine

Alicia Keys adorned her NYC penthouse with yet another image of Ali. Here, he looks out onto an ornate pool table (which I also love), providing ample inspiration to make the winning shot.

Pool Table
Image: Trendland

This design by Kelly Hoppen proves that even the kitchen can be a suitable backdrop for a GOAT portrait. The famous “Ali Underwater” print hangs prominently alongside sleek appliances and cabinetry.

Modern Interior
Modern Kitchen
Image: (Top) Kelly Hoppen, (Bottom) Elle Décor

A GOAT Print for Every Taste

Of course, the bedroom would make another great option; or, perhaps it could even be used to make a bold move in the powder room. In any case, the selection of Muhammad Ali prints seems endless. A quick search on the internet will yield results from memorable moments in the ring, to Ali out and about. This photograph, titled “Muhammad Ali Driving a Bus,” is an interesting alternative that shows the sports legend in a different light.

Muhammad Ali
Image: Sonic Editions

What do you think of the GOAT trend? Are you ready to make the “Greatest Of All Time” part of your personal art collection?

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