The New Formula for Modern Dining

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Over the past year I’ve noticed a growing trend in modern dining spaces that mixes both the rough and the refined into a cohesive look. Luckily, for the less creative and/or decoratively challenged, this approach can be boiled down into a surefire formula that guarantees success! It’s as easy as “1, 2, 3.” Simply mix (1) a wood table, (2) contemporary chairs, and (3) an eye-catching chandelier.

1. A Rough-Hewn Wood Table

Image: James Silverman

Our formula begins with the table itself – undoubtedly the core of any dining experience. The key is an organic design and natural finish because it lets the beauty of the wood shine through. In many applications, the dining table almost resembles a raw slab with the grain and knotting prominently visible.

Image: Arkpad

For an even more organic look, try a Live-Edge. Live-edge furniture incorporates the natural edge of the wood, and all of its imperfections, into the piece’s design. The contours of such tables range from subtle to extreme. The dining area above, by Wells Mackereth, shows an example of the latter.

2. Contemporary Dining Chairs

Image: Nuevo Estilo

Part two of the formula pairs our organic wood table with streamlined dining chairs. With so many styles available, you’re only limited by your imagination. Chairs can be wood, metal, plastic, leather – whatever strikes your fancy! Just make sure they’re the appropriate height for your table and comfy enough for sitting through long meals.

Image: New York Magazine

3. An Eye-Catching Chandelier

Image: New York Times

What can be more fun than chandelier shopping?! Like part two, the last component of our formula allows your imagination to run wild. Again, there are countless materials, shapes, and sizes available. Simply select a chandelier that matches the proportions of your space and table, and bring on the drama!

This modern dining formula can be achieved at varying price points and adapted to suit spaces of all sizes. What do you think of mixing the organic with the contemporary?

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