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Often considered the new neutral, Indigo is a timeless blend of rich blue and purple hues, and is one of the world’s oldest natural dyes, produced from the plant of the same name.

From masculine to feminine, contemporary to classic, rustic to refined, here are some of our favorite uses of indigo:

A Bold Backdrop
Indigo works with a spectrum of colors, contrasting warm hues like orange, yellow and pink, complimenting cool tones like light blue, green and gray, and neutrals like white and tan. Create a bold backdrop to make any interior pop.

Photo via Zach Desart

Photo via Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins via The Design Files

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Subtle Sophistication

As with all colors, there are many hues of indigo. The bedroom accents below showcase the subtleness indigo can add while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Photo via Youaretheriver

Photo via Elle Decor

Photo via Elle Decor

Accents that Anchor

From throw pillows and coffee tables, to rugs and curtains, using indigo as an accent color ties a space—or house—together.

Photo via Mad about the House

Photo via Elle Decor

Make a Statement with Indigo

Looking to make a statement in your home? Check out Caesarstone’s Indigo 8540 from their Concetto semi-precious stones collection.

Indigo Dumortierite-Caesarstone

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