The Perfect Palette

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I’ve never been fond of cautious crèmes or passive pastels in home décor, so when I saw Caesarstone’s nine new offerings in the Classico line I was, understandably, quite excited by the crisp whites, blacks, smart neutrals, and red! I’ve found creatively mixing any three of these hues in a single space will often result in the perfect color palette. But what makes this particular range of colors work so well in almost any combination? Let’s take a look at a few great examples.

Easy Does It

perfect palette easy does it

If you’re not quite ready to show off a vibrant hue like Caesarstone’s Red Shimmer, ease into it with a black/white/neutral mix. You can combine clean white, rich grey, and spicy brown for a more muted and relaxed vibe in just about any room. This palette goes great with industrial elements like these lamps and the steel vertical support beam, while also being picked up in the colors found in the raw wood dining room table.

Pop of Red

perfect palette pop of red

A great way to introduce a taste of bright color—like this red—is to use it as an unexpected and conversational counterpoint to the well-tailored combination of a dusky grey handsomely trimmed in black shown throughout the rest of this space. Using a tone-on-tone approach such as this, where the floor, walls, and upholstery are all the same shades, sets a very dramatic stage to show off everything from pop art to color-rich accessories.

Punch of Color

perfect palette punch of color

Letting a bold color loose in your rooms —like this scene-stealing orange ceiling detail— can be a defining statement or a disaster. Self-expression requires context and the rest of the room’s palette of controlled grey and rich tan provides the right support to allow the orange to shine without shouting.

What’s the perfect palette to show off your creativity?

Image Sources- Photo 1: Easy Does It, Photo 2: Pop of Red, Photo 3: Punch of Color.

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