The Power of Periwinkle

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Periwinkle is having a moment right now. This unique color, landing somewhere between a very light lavender and pastel blue with a hint of indigo, is big news in the fashion world. The whimsical shade is popping up all over the place, from clothes and shoes to nails and eyelids and even hair! But we especially love seeing how interior designers are using periwinkle in their projects, such as with this gorgeous 1940s chair from The Apartment re-upholstered in pretty, sophisticated periwinkle fabric.

A more subtle choice than lavender and a bit more adventurous than plain pastel blue, periwinkle is a soothing color that also makes a strong statement, which makes it a perfect choice for home decor. Whether you choose to use periwinkle as an accent or incorporate it more heavily into your design palette, this soothing shade works well in any room in your house and with every style of design. Don't believe us? Read on.

Perwinkle Accent Door in Beach Cottage
(Via Tracey Rapisardi Style)
A beach cottage doorframe pops in periwinkle and is a great contrast to the simple white decor of the rest of the room. They are "happy colors for a happy place," to quote the designer.

Perwinkle Dining Room
(Via Beautiful Home Designs)
Pair periwinkle with rich gold for a sophisticated yet unconventional (in a good way) dining room.

Periwinkle Dining Room
(Via Jemma Wynne)
Periwinkle fits perfectly into this sleek, silvery eating area. The purple cushions add a nice amount of color to the mostly monochromatic room.

Periwinkle Sitting Room
(Via Decoist)
This living room has periwinkle all over it! The alternating shades and textures used in the carpet, chair, curtains and wall art, combined with the overall modern vibe, give this room real depth. We also love how the upholstered chair lights up when the sunlight hits it.

Periwinkle Bathroom
(Via Ideas N Kitchen)
The tranquil quality of periwinkle works very well in bathrooms, especially those where you plan to spend some time soaking in the tub. Periwinkle paint plays well off the white tile and antique claw-foot bathtub.

(Via Popsugar)
And let's not forget how well periwinkle works in bedrooms! Your home may not have the ocean views of this celebrity Malibu estate, but you can certainly take inspiration from the soft shades of periwinkle used on the walls and headboard. We feel more relaxed already.

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