Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Quartz Countertops

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Every decision in your kitchen design is an important one. From colors and lights, flooring and cabinets, storage and appliances - there's no lack of choices to consider. But what about the surfaces that get the most wear? Countertops serve for cooking, prepping, eating and more, yet most homeowners don't know the benefits of quartz, especially when compared to granite and marble. Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider quartz in your next remodel.


1. Durability

Quartz countertops, like Caesarstone, are scratch and stain-resistant, making them a low-maintenance option. Unlike granite and marble, which are delicate surfaces requiring a lot of care, quartz is resilient and easy to clean with just soap and water. Quartz doesn't require harsh chemicals for a thorough cleaning making them healthier for the whole family.

Quartz is nonporous so it doesn't require any sealing, whereas granite and marble need to be resealed at least yearly. The nonporous nature of quartz also makes them mold and mildew resistant.

A few other durability benefits of quartz are: heat-resistance, chemical-resistance and it is often more flexible and impact resistant that granite and marble.


2. Style

Quartz is man-made - so the style possibilities are endless. Choose a smooth, uniform surfacelike Pure White or Concrete for a clean, modern look. There are also options that achieve the speckled look of granite like Quartz Reflections, which also uses recycled products. If you desire the look of marble, you can choose colors like Calacatta Nuvo or Statuario Maximus.

Get all the durability and benefits of quartz, with your desired style look!


3. Affordability

Despite the increased durability and style options that quartz has to offer, the price is still comparable to granite and marble - falling somewhere in the middle of the two in average price per square foot. However, the durability factors (plus Caesarstone's Lifetime Warranty) create a lower total cost of ownership, meaning homeowners will need to buy fewer products to maintain it's beauty and pay for fewer repairs.

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