Getting Surface-Level with Visual Texture

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Image: Planete Deco

One of my favorite ways to make a room interesting is through texture. My rule: choose one aspect of the design and make it textural. Sometimes that means corduroy pillows or woven-web seating materials. Maybe one day we’ll be able to go over those kinds of ideas in another post; but, today I’m focusing on providing visual texture to the materials used in your structural elements . I tend to believe there’s no such thing as too much visual texture—the above is a perfect example; from the metal facing on the kitchen island, to the brick and tile across the back wall and the wooden slats in the loft space, this place shows just how much texture a room can contain.


Concrete Wall
Image: Home Adore

Of course you already know that concrete is one of my favorite materials. One of the reasons is that it’s rife with natural visual appeal. So, embrace naked concrete if you have the good fortune to count it as one of your available surfaces. Do what has been done in this bedroom—use upholstery and layered fabrics (more great texture) to soften the look.


Tile Wall
Image: Jonas Ingerstedt on Desire to Inspire

Wow, that’s one amazing red countertop, am I right? But what really catches my eye (and balances that expanse of smooth red) is the deeply textured tile work. Laid on a diagonal, it’s almost like a basket weave. Marrying the tile and counter is a masterful stroke of allowing two different ends of the color and texture spectrums to play off each other and create magic.


Plaster Wall
Image: The Brick House

The lowly and often-maligned old-fashioned textured plaster is a surprise win in this neutral design. The space would be much less interesting without the addition—plus it effectively echoes the textures of the rug and the table. It’s just another natural feeling texture in this space.


Wood Wall
Image: Jeremy Bitterman on Remodelista

Perhaps the easiest of materials to add to your space, should you need to bring visual texture into your home, is wood—always a good choice. And, with so many varieties and so many different ways to finish wood, you almost can’t go wrong.

What kinds of visual textures do you have at home?

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