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In the DIY/Handmade world trends are sort of like forest fires. They start with a spark of an idea somewhere and Interest is metaphorically the ideal fire starting location, it’s a dry forest in the middle of a drought, in July, and the fire department is on permanent vacay. So what if you knew what trends were up and coming before everyone’s Pinterest boards caught on fire?

Today we are chatting Arrows. We are seeing a whole Native American/Tribal explosion and so naturally arrows would be a part of that. They are a natural progression from the chevron and herringbone trends. The spark for me was this picture from Pocket Tiger on Etsy.


I loved the hand drawn factor more than I probably should admit.

About a month ago I took that inspiration and created this room around it.
Image: Vintage Revival

Here are some of my other favorites

Arrow Pillow
Image: Tribal Arrows Throw Pillow

Arrow Decor
Image: Poppytalk

Image: Quiver

Image: Luna and Chloe Weddings

So do you think you can get behind Arrows, or are they not your aim? (did you see what I tried to do there?! ha!)


  1. Thank you!! I can’t get enough of arrows either and I LOVE what you did with them! Also I kind of think I need some of those felt looking ones for my house!!

  2. Hello! Very interesting works on an interior. There are many non-standard decisions. I liked it! You can help me with design of a living room. Especially with furniture. Waiting for your reply.Photo I will send later. THANKS! Elena. My e-mail

  3. Yes. Decor trends do spread like wildfires especially on Pinterest (cheveron, pallet D-I-Y, chalkboard paint…). As an art teacher, I’m a sucker for hand drawn anything 🙂 And I’m kind of in love with the arrows. And that green paint.


  4. so now I love arrows! so cute on the wall and in the jar like flowers. great ideas Mandi! love the new blog

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