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I came up with a zillion funny ways to start this post. Want to hear a few? I'm not horsing around. This is a trend you can ride into the sunset. Saddle up trend-setters.

Let me start out by saying that I actually am afraid of horses. They are just so big, and well, big. But sometimes you find projects that keep you up at night out of inspiration instead of nightmarish fear.
While horses may not be the animal of the moment like birds were a couple of years ago or foxes are right now, they are making their rounds in very inspiring ways and making people wonder, could "Put a Horse on It" be the next big trend?

Custom Stenciled Wall

My horse love started with this fun DIY from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. She made her own stencil and then used markers to trace the horses on her wall. It’s totally out of the ordinary and such a fun statement.

Stenciled Wall
Image: Custom Stenciled Wall

Painted Horse Couch

The horse obsession became full blown when I saw this DIYed couch during Creating with the Stars. Janel from Nellie Bellie made her own custom horse stamp and overhauled a junky old sofa.

Printed Couch
Image: Painted Horse Couch

Gallery Wall

Since that moment, every time I see a horse I squeal like a Beiber fan. I just love the mood that they bring to a space. They have such a powerful presence. Especially in a repeated way, like this gallery wall from Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Frames Horse
Image: Gallery Wall

Horse Statue

If you are thinking to yourself, horses are pretty great, but I don’t know if I am ready for a whole herd. Start with one lone stallion and go from there. A simple statue like this one is a great way to start. (Room styled by Emily Henderson)

Brass Horse
Image: Horse Statue
What animals frequent the design in your house? Happy Trails!

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