Trend Tracker: Mint Green Interior Accents

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Image: My Scandinavian Home

When I lived in Copenhagen, I fell in love with the minimalist, mid-century modern interior style, though it often felt a bit too colorless for me. I need tons of color in my life. A bit after I moved there I started to notice a fun trend that helped alleviate the lack of color: mint floors. These new mint floors still kept to the minimal aesthetic, while warming up the space and creating a refreshing palette. The color mint has been en vogue for a few years now but I’d gladly have it stay for a very long time. Here are some of my favorite interiors that use mint green as a focal point.

This house in Copenhagen, shown above, features mint green floors throughout. It creates a cohesive and refreshing palette.

Trend Tracker: Mint Green Interior Accents

Image: Remodelista

This shop in Copenhagen was one of the ones I visited where I saw the trend start. With the clean, white walls, the green grounds the floor while allowing the other colors of the chairs to be more playful.

Trend Tracker: Mint Green Interior Accents

Image: Remodelista

This kitchen feels refined with the subtle mint on the cupboards and doors.

Trend Tracker: Mint Green Interior Accents

Images: (1) DigsDigs,  (2) Apartment Therarpy,  (3) Hues and Cues, (4) Houzz

  1. The minimalist white room feels very current with the mint green chairs at the table. It adds in a much-needed dose of color.
  2. Green is often a great palette to use in the kitchen. It’s especially good if you are on a diet because the color curbs appetite. Here, the mint cupboards feel sophisticated.
  3. These mint green floors tie in the whimsical butterfly wallpaper décor nicely.
  4. This pastel room chooses pink chairs and a mint green table as the focal pieces of the room.

Are you into the mint green interior trend?

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  1. I love the idea of adding mint green to the minimalist white movement!

    I agree with you, I like the simplicity of the minimalist movement but I’m such a big fan of color.

    Have you seen Felt Ball Rugs? They’re another great option, I think, for adding color to the minimalist style!

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