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There are basic staples that you need in every space to make it feel collected and not like you bought everything in a ten-piece living room group for $1299 at your local Furniture R Us. My list includes something wood, something painted, something metallic, something fabric. But lately on my Pincapades I have noticed another something. Something industrial.

Finding cool industrial furniture goes beyond spending loads of money. One of my favorite secrets for finding industrial pieces is to watch the yard sale classifieds for “Man Sales” advertised for tools and shop stuff. They will look at you like you have six heads when you tell them you are putting their huge greasy metal shelf in your daughter’s room but just roll with it. (psst. That is exactly what I did in Dylan’s room.)

Another way to get a funky industrial vibe is to build your own furniture out of conduit pipe. There are two types of conduit. Plumbing and Electrical. Typically plumbing is more expensive per foot because it has to be treated to be safe for drinking water to run through, and unless you like spending extra money for no reason, or are planning on disassembling your table legs to use as straws when you have company over, you are probably good to just go with the electrical.

You can buy conduit at your local hardware store and I know that Lowes and Home Depot can cut and thread your pipes to the exact specifications that you need.

So without further adieu, here are three of my favorite pipe projects with links to the tutorial, so you can DIY your heart out!

Plumbing Pipe Furniture
Image: Plumbing Pipe Rolling Bookcase by 4 Men 1 Lady

Image: Pipe Desk by Cafe Cartolina

How To Build A Pipe Table Tutorial
DIY project: Conduit Pipe Table by Vintage Revivals

What other ways have you used conduit pipe in your home?

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