Milan-Inspired Trento Restaurant

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Image: Ric Mader Imagery

There’s a sleek new addition to Farmingdale, New York with the opening of Trento, an Italian restaurant professing fresh ingredients, handcrafted cocktails, and a welcoming environment to unwind with family and friends. The latter comes by way of the hospitality design firm Dallago Associates. Inspired by mid-twentieth century Milan, Dallago created a modern dining space showcasing a range of Caesarstone products.

Trento Restaurant Front Desk
Image: Ric Mader Imagery

Interiors Inspired by Milan

Trento Restaurant Lounge
Image: Ric Mader Imagery

At first glance, Trento’s interiors seem reminiscent of a swank Manhattan lounge, with all the finishing touches of a hip urban hangout. But look more closely and you’ll find the décor is actually an ode to Italy’s past—mid-century Milan, to be exact. Trento’s design was inspired by Milan of the 1960’s, representing a fine balance between the aesthetics of that period and the laid-back vibe that is Trento. Lead designer Karen Dallago notes that its achieved interiors are “timeless, with mid-century influences but maintaining warmth and congeniality.”

Caesarstone as the Surface of Choice

Trento Restaurant Caesarstone Tables
Image: Ric Mader Imagery

Key to the design is Caesartone, which is used in a range of applications. From tabletops to sinks to door casings, Caesarstone proved to be the material of choice for Dallago’s team. “Caesarstone was selected because we love the uniformity that natural stone does not offer,” says Dallago. Innovative uses include using the quartz surfaces as custom trough sinks in the bathrooms as well as baseboards throughout the space. Whether dining in a booth or hanging out at the bar, quartz products are found everywhere, offering durable surfaces with modern appeal.

Complementing the Dining Experience

Trento Restaurant CaesarStone Counters
Image: Ric Mader Imagery

The final design reads both classic and modern—the perfect space for enjoying pasta, wine, and good conversation. With so many uses of Caesarstone, it also serves as a lesson in creativity.

Tables, counters, door jambs, and bathroom stalls, how does Caesarstone fit into your next project?

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