Unique Metal Features for Your Home

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When it comes to outfitting the interior of a home I love to look beyond traditional materials, which is probably why I love using metal features so much. Metal like steel panels, corrugated sheets, and a simple powder coated railing can change the tone of a space as well as break up traditional materials like stone and wood. Whether you’re looking for a funky accent or embracing the industrial theme, here are some great ways to incorporate metal into your home’s interior.

Corrugated metal is budget-friendly, versatile, and can even be colorful. Its flexibility, both aesthetically and physically, means there are a ton of options for inside use: walls, ceilings, backsplash... the list goes on!

Dawna Jones Design

I love the application of corrugated metal on this fireplace and how it adds a contemporary flair to the room.

Miller Beach House

If you don’t love the look of corrugated metal, try steel panels with a patina finish, like this fireplace surround.

Metal features can be functional too, beams for extra structural support, or safety features like gates or railings. We fabricated this catwalk for a client when he asked for a unique and creative way to access to his attic space.

Contemporary Bathroom

One of my absolute favorite trends with metal these days are laser cut panels. You can literally upload any pattern or design and a computer will cut the metal panels to shape. Laser cut paneling is great for exterior features like fencing, window screens, and siding. This technique can also be incorporated to the interior of your home design with features like stair railing, wall paneling, and privacy screens, such as the laser cut design in this bathroom.

Walnut Residence

I love the shape of this laser cut railing - the rounded pattern gives the metal a softer edge and adds a feminine touch to the space.

What metal feature do you like best?

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