4 Designs That Prove Stainless Steel Looks Good Just About Everywhere

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It’s one of my favorite go-to materials because of its durability, versatility, and the fact that it’s been used for decades in both industrial settings and interior décor. It lasts a lifetime, can be used to create almost any type of furnishing or fixture, and can be incorporated into just about every decorating style. It’s stainless steel. Let’s look at some inspiring examples.


Most of us tend to think of stainless steel as the standard stuff of kitchens—and we do so for good reason. It’s easy to clean and non-porous (both big plusses for commercial kitchens). Plus it’s strong and durable, a welcome feature in any kitchen.


Image: Thierry Vide

A surprisingly versatile material, artists and entrepreneurs use stainless steel in a variety of ways. I’m partial to these lamps; they have a modern feel that is timeless.


Image: Houzz

More and more multi-story homes are being designed and built using materials that allow staircases to share the spotlight with other interior features. This example uses stainless steel for both the “spine”, or primary support structure of the staircase, and for the handrails and banisters.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
Image: The Layered Life Blog

One of the terrific features of stainless steel is its ability to work in any interior decorating style. This space features mostly traditional furnishings and finishes: a wooden kitchen island, a leather Chesterfield, salvaged wood floors and antique industrial pendant lamps. But the stainless steel kitchen appliances fit right into the mix. With the same (or better) durability as wood or leather, this is a mix that works.

Where do you use stainless steel in your decor?

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