Using Yellow: How to Add a Dash of Warmth to Your Home

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Yellow has been my favorite color for quite some time. I think I naturally gravitate towards it because it’s warm, inviting, and happy. You can’t look at yellow and not feel a spring in your step, you know? Oprah once said that her best friend, Gayle King, decorated her house in all yellow because “it’s impossible to see yellow and not feel happy.” Looks like I have a fellow yellow-lover.

After living in Denmark, where it is dark for most of the year, I’ve become even more of a proponent for the color yellow because it’s the color of the sun. Yellow is bright, cheerful, and optimistic – who doesn’t want this in their home? It’s the ultimate pick-me-up.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the reasons we love it, and how to use the color yellow in your home:

  1. Top left image: Without the two solid yellow armchairs in this living room, the space would be dull. The yellow chairs become the room’s focal point.
  2. Top right image: The dash of yellow in this space was created with a canvas on the wall painted in two shades of yellow. Against a neutral sofa accented with red and blue, the room takes on a primary scheme without being kid.
  3. Bottom left image: The solid yellow wall in this dining room balances out the warmness of the wood chairs.
  4. Bottom right image: Because the rest of the room is more neutral, the Eames rocker immediately becomes the focus of the space. It’s balanced out with a puff on the right in the same shade.

Yellow Interior
Images: (Top Left) Refinery 29, (Top Right) Life of Style, (Bottom Left) Pinterest, (Bottom Right) Pinterest

  1. Top left image: The yellow sofa is a miraculous find in this retro living room. Complete with tall ceilings and lots of illumination, this space is definitely for a lover of light.
  2. Top right image: This teeny tiny bedroom, squeezed into a tight nook, doesn’t seem as small because the yellow widens out the space.
  3. Bottom left image: The yellow Smeg fridge is the definition of cheerfulness. With that one piece in your kitchen, you don’t even need to focus on the rest of the room; but, the yellow accent chairs tip it over the edge.
  4. Bottom right image: Focal points are created and emphasized in this dining space by using oversized lamps in shades of yellow, and then balanced out by the bar. Yellow in a restaurant is often used psychologically to get people in and out quickly, which is great for fast food.

Have you used yellow in a space? Did you love it? Would you consider using it now?

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