X Marks the Spot: Furniture with “X” Legs

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Image: ArchitectLover

Have you ever had the experience of suddenly becoming aware of—and suddenly seeing a lot of examples of—something new or different, then wondering how you never noticed this “new” thing before? I think most of us have experienced this. It happened to me again recently after seeing an image of a piece of X-leg furniture. Of course, I’ve been aware of the X-leg for years, but that particular design feature had somehow faded into the background and I was not noticing it so much. Then, suddenly, there it was—seemingly everywhere! And I quickly decided that it’s one of my favorite elements, and that we should look at some examples together.

X-leg Desk

This first image may actually be the one that brought X-leg pieces back into my consciousness. It’s a sweet desk in a terrific room—one that I’ve actually spent some time with, since a friend of mine owned this house at the time this image was shot. It’s a classic look executed in a slightly glamorous way.

X-leg Stools

X Marks the Spot: Furniture with “X” Legs

Image: Designs by Katy

Designer Lukas Machnik made quite an impression earlier this year on the reality television series “American Dream Builders,” typically with understated, contemporary rooms such as this one. The pair of X-leg stools used here provides another texture and a bit of gleam—just the touch this space needs.

X-leg Cart

X Marks the Spot: Furniture with “X” Legs

Image: decor8

Here’s an example of the X-leg design clearly showing off its utility, as well as its attractiveness. This cart folds up for easy transport and storage, therefore the X-leg design provides functionality on top of providing interest.

X-leg Chairs

X Marks the Spot: Furniture with “X” Legs

Image: Desire to Inspire

These outdoor lounge chairs make a big statement with their thick wooden X-legs. Once again, a classic design feature has been rendered in a material and setting that add to the level of sophistication in the space.

What kind of X-leg furniture is your favorite?

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