Year of the Snake: Reptile-Inspired Designs for the New Year

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February 10th ushered in the Chinese New Year, welcoming a new animal under the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Snake promises prosperity for some, bad times for others. But for those who are simply looking to up their décor ante, it’s the perfect inspiration for your interior.

Before you begin questioning my judgment, hear me out. Snake motifs and patterns are a common staple of luxury goods used by fashion- and interior designers alike. Additionally, Stylesight, a top trend forecaster, predicts that snakeskin will continue its popularity through the Fall. So, in light of these expert opinions, let's explore a few options.

Snakes underfoot- soo not the Temple of Doom.

If snakes on the floor remind you of Indiana Jones, it’s time to broaden your horizons! I’m sure this option via The Rug Company will help conjure the possibilities. Designed by Kelly Wearstler, the Serpent rug is abstracted just enough to give you the impression of snake without overwhelming or offending. Its neutral palette is also suitable for varying rooms and styles.

Reptile Inspired Design

The skin is in- make a chic statement.

When it comes to snakes and decorating, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Snakeskin patterns speak luxury to any design project. I love the idea of using wall coverings in small quantities--like the powder room--or to turn up the glam of a dining space. Osborne & Little’s Komodo collection shows the range in snakeskin patterns and colors. Remember, if you prefer subtlety, opt for tone on tone.

Year of the snake

Snakeskin is also commonly used to cover furniture and accessories. Here are some examples.

Reptile Inspired Designs

Reptile Inspired Designs

Sinuous shapes - sneak 'em in.

Every design addition needn’t be a grand gesture. Sometimes, a small touch can add the desired impact, or be the perfect starting point for the more cautious decorator. One such option includes furnishings with sculptural snake motifs that may bring an appreciative double-take. At first glance, this light fixture by Paul Marra may look like ordinary, twisted bronze.

Year of the Snake

Whether brazen or understated, snake-inspired design can make a luxurious impact. Which method do you prefer?

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