12 Pieces That Make Storage Stylish

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Image: (1) Wisteria , (2) Pottery Barn, (3 Crate and Barrel , (4) CB2, (5) Pottery Barn, (6) Ballard Designs

People move, renovate, and redecorate in the quest for more storage. It almost seems like we can never have enough. The simplest solution is to pare down of course, but a good piece of furniture with ample storage space is helpful for containing the rest.

  1. A great mixture of open and closed storage, and those small drawers along the bottom are a clever trick. There are really only ten drawers in total, so each is twice as wide as it appears — letting you store larger items inside.
  2. Display the pretty stuff behind glass, and then tuck the rest away in the drawers below.
  3. This roomy piece opens to reveal three adjustable and removable shelves, giving you plenty of options for storing linens, using it as a media center, or anything else you may desire.
  4. So sleek, and in such a dynamic red! This modern piece is a show-stopper.
  5. Another example of cleverly designed false drawers! The top four are real, but the ones below are really just two doors, which give you plenty of space inside for storage. This would look great in pairs.
  6. This bookshelf is available in 18 different color and finish options. There are additional pieces in the collection that add-on and expand for a more customized look and size.

Image: (7) The Land of the Nod, (8 )Wisteria, (9) Crate & Barrel, (10) Crate and Barrel, (11) Ballard Designs, (12) Pottery Barn

  1. Yes, another faux-drawer piece, this time in the style of a card catalog. This is perhaps the cutest possible way to store toys in a kid’s room.
  2. An eighteenth century armoire, reproduced for today. The detailing on this is fantastic.
  3. A bar, inspired by a steamer trunk, with doors that swivel and are lined with shelves to hold all of your bottles and glasses.
  4. The perfect design for neatly displaying linens in the hallway, or serving pieces in the dining room.
  5. Lifting the bulk of the armoire up on delicately turned legs gives an airy feeling to a large piece of furniture.
  6. This look is unfussy, but with enough detailing to make the piece interesting.

Which of these would be the answer to your storage needs?

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  1. I have been looking for a blanket cabinet forever. I like many of the ideas above but I need something deep enough for the quilts and doors with no glass. Light, especially sunlight, will fade older material. So far, I have had no luck. #11 is close to what I need but it is not my style and I don’t need drawers. #12 looks about right but, again, there are those glass doors. Any suggestions?

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