A Condo Overhaul With Sweeten

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When you’ve lived in a 700-square-foot Manhattan apartment for four years, anything bigger feels like a sprawling oasis – just ask Sarah and Craig, who experienced that feeling when they moved into a modern one-bedroom Long Island City condo that measures 1,160-square-feet.

But over time, the shiny newness of the space began to wear off, and the improvement wish list starting growing. Topping that list? A big, white farmhouse sink to replace their disproportionality tiny one. “We like to joke that our entire renovation started with the kitchen sink,” said Sarah.

And started it sure did.

Sarah and Craig wanted an aesthetic they coined as “industrial eclectic” and wanted to preserve the industrial history of Long Island City while adding a touch of their own rustic taste. What better way to complement such a design than with Sleek Concrete surfaces? Quartz Concrete features the warmth of stone, but with a durability that typical concrete counters lack.

The kitchen’s dark cabinetry was swapped out for a bright white that, of course, complemented that big, white farmhouse sink.

In order to make the kitchen and living room into two distinct areas, the Sleek Concrete island was extended into something of a casual dining area that was ideal for pre-dinner drinks or a meal for a low-key evening at home.

One of the highlights of the new design is the bar area. A small nook of dead space fit a wine fridge perfectly, while the wooden carving on the shelf above the racks of wine and beer naturally reads “Cheers.”

And to think it all started with a kitchen sink… we’ll certainly cheers to that!


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