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Statuario Maximus

Today, we journey to the Lone Star State to explore some of Allison Crawford’s beautiful work in this week’s Designer Spotlight! Crawford is a gifted designer with a full-service firm located in Austin, Texas. Her talented team works to fit their client’s needs, lifestyle, and goals from the smallest details, such as color schemes, to the big picture, like transforming the entire home.

Well the color scheme is on point in this light, bright bathroom featuring Statuario Maximus on the vanity! The simplicity of the space is Scandinavian inspired with natural elements, like wood accents, incorporated.

The other side of the bathroom is just as stunning – from the herringbone floor details to the walk-in shower, cleverly hidden behind the bathtub. It’s our strong belief that everything should be walk-in: walk-in closets, walk-in showers...let’s embrace everything walk-in!

Amazed by the bathroom? Take a look at this beaut! It’s an island paradise with an eye-catching dark base topped with Statuario Maximus.

We didn’t think Texas had such a large island, but with all this countertop space, we wonder if it shouldn’t be included on the map!

Consistency is key and Statuario Maximus makes another appearance in the office space – combined with a touch of shiplap (who doesn’t love a bit of shiplap!). We could spend hours “working” at this desk!

Modern, gorgeous, Scandinavian minimalistic! Where can we get one? This black and white space, featuring (you guessed it!) Statuario Maximus, is packed with storage options, seating, and plenty of space to host.

Plus, we love the pop of blue surprise to set the dining space apart from the kitchen.

Allison, you’ve convinced us – we’re moving to Texas!

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