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Today, we bring you a two for one: part fabricator and part designer, Bay Countertops does everything from start to finish. Located around the San Francisco bay (get it, Bay Countertops?), they work with fledgling Caesarstone slabs and create dream bathrooms and kitchens with a beautiful finish.

The design team at Bay Countertops not only know their countertops but their color combinations too! We love the blend of natural wood finish and Pure White Caesarstone counter to brighten the galley kitchen.

Plus, the Pure White drawer integrated into the cabinetry is just too clever! The more Caesarstone, the merrier!

The kitchen feels zen and modern with a double waterfall design. After all, what’s more calm and tranquil than a waterfall?

Next, we journey into the bathroom. Just as modern, with a fun twist for the kids: colorful tile running on the floor and up the wall. Would this be considered an inverted waterfall design?

Flip to the other side and the tile continues for a funky fresh, custom bathtub. Pro-tip: Dreaming of a seamless vanity with a continuous counter to sink transition? Try pulling a page from Bay Countertops as they create the sink inset from Caesarstone quartz for a modern, seamless display.

Don’t worry, we aren’t straying too far from the zen and tranquil kitchen we began with. This dream spa is complete with a Pure White custom sink-countertop-bench combination – all in one!

The walk-in shower open to the greenery of the backyard is the icing on the stunning cake!

We propose a name change: instead of Bay Countertops, the design team needs to rename to Amazing Vanities!

From custom sink insets to rocky, natural creations, they manage to create jaw-dropping Caesarstone vanities (we can only take credit for the Pure White counter, not the amazing standing sink).

We finish out the spotlight with a very environmentally conscious bath – from the greenery against the wall to the Pure White custom vanity and finally to the frosted glass shower door reminding everyone to be water conscious.

Green is good!

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