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We are excited to explore the beautiful spaces created by BK Interior Design, a firm focused on helping clients express themselves through their interior. BK Interior Design is a firm that does it all – from moving walls to creating end-tables. We wouldn’t mind a custom BK Interior’s piece!

We kick off this designer spotlight with a rockin’ red design. This space was once a forgotten cottage but BK Interior Design revitalized the space while maintaining the 1950’s cottage charm that made the house so special.

Modern updates like a new red tile backsplash and Mocha counters mixed with retro appliances and cottage cabinets capture the functional preservation efforts by BK.

From mid-century kitchens to modern-day pool houses, BK designs both big and small. And what’s a pool house without an Organic White covered mini-bar? While it may be Winter, we’re still dreaming of sunny Summer afternoons when we could lounge by the pool, drink in hand.

Bam! That’s the impact of a statement wall comin’ at you. This kitchen is all kinds of sophisticated – from the graceful hardware (yes, hardware can be graceful) to the immense art installation surrounded by Eggshell counters and custom cabinetry.

The design for this kitchen was intended to be minimalist to maximize the views of the mountains outside and emphasize an outdoor-indoor living style that is characteristic of California.
Plus, the cool stools.

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