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While it’s important to show off some of your signature style when designing and building a home, it is equally as important to create a space with your client in mind. Husband and wife team Laura and Cliff Muller took this to heart when creating their company, Four Point Design Build Inc.

With over 60 years of experience between them, Laura and Cliff have mastered the art of creating interior spaces that are livable, dynamic and custom-tailored for each client. Their collaborative mentality makes clients feel at ease and helps the pair to build long-lasting relationships with engineers, architects and suppliers. Laura and Cliff always make sure each and every space they work on is uniquely fit for each of their clients, down to the last detail.

Case in point: the beautiful kitchen transformation they pulled off in this 1970s classic ranch home.

All images: Riley Jamison | Frosty Carrina 5141

They drew inspiration for this project from their client, who had dedicated her life to volunteerism and selfless generosity. She wanted to remodel the kitchen in her family’s legacy home to create a modern space that allowed for plenty of room for cooking.

Laura and Cliff went with an all-white design and a few glass door cabinets. Frosty Carrina countertops basque in the sunshine from the large windows behind the sink.

Frosty Carrina 5141

The dynamic designers can do more than a one-room renovation, however. Just take a look at the 2,600-square-foot home they worked on in the heart of Los Angeles. “Laura and her team advised on sensible, affordable solutions and improvements, but still delivered the creativity and tastefulness that we sought for our home,” says homeowner Deborah Tudor.

 Pure White 1141

 Pure White 1141

 Pure White 1141

The built-in kitchen desk topped with Pure White quartz keeps the kitchen free from clutter and allows for easy access to snacks from the pantry! 

 Pure White 1141

Laura and Cliff are definitely not afraid of a bold pattern or pop of color, either. Check out the beautiful, intricate wallpaper used in this bathroom. The gold faucet and cabinet pulls make this room chic enough for any emperor or empress.

 Pure White 1141

Are you more in the mood for a mid-century modern design with hints of world traveler? Look no further. The glossy tile backsplash and simplistic faucet make this kitchen design elegant and modern. The wooden mortar and pestle and potted herbs give the space an eclectic flair while adding an element of chicness and wanderlust. The family who lives in this home was looking for a space that would accommodate their active and busy lifestyle. That’s why Laura and Cliff went with Pure White Caesarstone countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom; it's easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.

 Pure White 1141

 Pure White 1141

Break out your spa water and face masks, because this next contemporary kitchen in West Hills, California is ethereal. The Shitake countertops bring warm and soothing color into the otherwise bright white space. Large windows are used to fill the area with ample lighting and the open, friendly design perfectly matches the active and socialable lifestyle of the homeowners.

Shitake 4230

Every build and design that comes from Four Point Design Build is clean, fresh and modern. Not only will you get a stunning space with Laura and Cliff, but you’ll no doubt form a life-long relationship with the two as well. Their relevant and innovative designs are cutting edge and they truly listen to their clients when designing a space. From wallpaper to floor tiles, Laura and Cliff Muller sure know how to transform a house into a home.

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