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Meet Melissa Lenox, the brains and beauty behind the Charleston, South Carolina interior design firm, Melissa Lenox Design. A longtime California girl with an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless, Melissa brings a dose of West Coast style to her East Coast work. Her passion for architecture and eye for design are evident in every project she touches.

So, where did it all start?

Melissa began her design journey at the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. After graduation, she jumped headfirst into a career with a prestigious architecture and interiors firm in San Francisco. But it wasn’t until relocating to South Carolina five years later that she found herself craving more – and just like that, Melissa Lenox Design was born.

The interior design aficionado focuses on residential architecture and design, as well as small boutique commercial projects. Her designs blend California cool with Charleston charm for a result that is delightedly fresh and airy, with a traditional touch. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!


That “California cool” we mentioned earlier? This bathroom epitomizes it. Amidst all the white, a space can run the risk of lacking life and character. But you don’t need to reach for the saturated hues – intricate patterns and textures are an easy way to bring in an additional element of warmth to a space. Bonus points for exotically-sourced rugs with a vintage flair.

Image: Lucy Cuneo Photography | Blizzard

The laundry room might be home to dirty socks and stained blouses, but you’d never know it by looking at this all-white space. Each and every surface of this room is perfection, from the textured backsplash to the Blizzard countertops. This beauty is sure to bring out your inner clean-freak!

Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | Blizzard

If we had known geometry could look this good, we would have paid more attention in math class. The wallpaper, the gold accents, the Blizzard vanity - everything about this space is so right. If it were acceptable to live in a powder room, we’d happily take up long-term residence here.


Shelfie game strong! Every item that sits atop these open shelves tell its own story, lending authenticity to this nook and cranny. The framed palm tree sitting atop the Blizzard counter effortlessly adds to the laid-back California aesthetic that characterizes so many of Melissa’s designs.

Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | Blizzard

If there’s one element that characterizes the Cali-cool aesthetic, it’s a whitewashed kitchen. At its simplest, it allows designers to view rooms as a blank canvas, waiting to be layered with vibrant colors, rich patterns and dynamic textures. And that’s exactly what Melissa did with this gorgeous room, featuring Blizzard surfacing.

After exploring these spaces, we don’t know where we want to reside more – California or South Carolina!


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