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Countertop: Frosty Carrina | Photographer: Langdon Clay

The sky (or ceiling in this case) is the limit for Sogno Design Group. This design firm considers all dimensions of a home – from aesthetics to budgets to neighborhoods and beyond. Sogno believes in sustainable architecture and transforming a historical space into something more relevant for today’s design, while honoring the originality of the home. Well today, we honor Sogno and their beautiful, sky-high designs!

A peek inside this vast kitchen reveals the intricate details behind this spacious room – from the Frosty Carrina countertops to the dash of bright blue backsplash. We love a traditional space with a twist and this space is packed with twists and turns we adore.

Photographer: Michelle Lee Wilson

Funky Charm: the fun pendants, pop of red, and unique Jet Black peninsula give this space a character all its own!

Photographer: Michelle Lee Wilson

Open shelving is a great way to display some additional pops of color in a kitchen! From colorful bowls to coordinated trinkets, open shelves can create an eye-catching design element.

Photographer: Langdon Clay

Speaking of color, while this kitchen is all white, the overall space is anything but! Organic White counters, white built-ins and glass cabinetry make for the perfect canvas to decorate colorfully!

Remember when we mentioned sustainable architecture? Keeping these stained glass windows while updating the kitchen is a perfect example! This kind of character is what makes this kitchen special (not to mention those Frosty Carrina counters!).

Though the kitchen is new, Sogno maintained the character of the old home in the cabinetry hardware and shaker style cabinets. We’re sure the homeowners appreciate the beauty of the kitchen and the usability of its hidden spaces like the pop-out spice rack!

Photographer: Michelle Lee Wilson

From traditional and historic, to modern and minimal. Each design has its own appeals – if you’re a fan of sleek, clean, uninterrupted lines, then the minimal kitchen is for you. The Frosty Carrina countertops contrast beautifully against the dark wood cabinets and matching floor.

From forward...

To backward...

And everywhere in between, this modern kitchen is both beautiful and functional with tons of storage and a laundry nook you would never know existed!

Photographer: Langdon Clay

Open concept kitchens can be tricky – many homeowners struggle with how to best maintain an open space without making it look like one large room. Sogno used a clever trick for consistency yet subtle separation: cabinets made from the same material as the kitchen creates a flow from one area to the next.

Pro level: 1000+1 (an added bonus for using Misty Carrera on the countertop and waterfall peninsula).

Sogno’s three dimensional approach is apparent in this gorgeous kitchen: the texture of the backsplash, the movement of the cabinetry, the solidity of the Linen countertops, and the functionality of the sink inset.

We would take any dimension that includes Sogno’s designs!

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