Emerald: Pantone’s Color of the Year

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If you haven’t heard the news, Pantone’s color of 2013 is Emerald, 17-5641, and I for one am thrilled with the choice! Based on the mineral rock, emerald is one of the most valuable gems—even more than diamonds. Emerald is bold, rich, and radiant and the perfect dramatic enhancer to a dull room or outfit. I’m reminded of 1920s Hollywood and Art Deco where bright colors like reds, blues, and greens were used as punctuation statements against dramatic black and whites in beautiful geometric shapes, especially in jewelry pieces. I hope to see more emerald work its way into interiors and fashion.

Emerald in Bedrooms to Fashion

This subtle emerald color used on its own is pure drama! And set in voluptuous and rich fabrics, I want nothing more than to feel and touch the lovely velvet.

We’ve seen some fashion houses start using emerald. Like the bedroom image, when on its own it is quite the statement piece.

Though chevron has enjoyed its time in the spotlight for quite some time now (and perhaps overstayed its welcome) it is refreshened in this living room in two ways: a giant overscale pattern on the wall in beautiful, rich emerald. Sensing a pattern?

Emerald in ad campaigns

Fashion house, Mulberry, focused their ad campaign on the color of the moment. Clearly, it’s hot with handbags and dresses.

Mulberry Emerald Campaign

Bold ways to add emerald into your home

And for two of the boldest moments, emerald can be seen in two unique ways:Both the table and chairs share the same color and are balanced out by touches of green and blue plates cut geometrically on the wall in a steep vertical line. Bold, right?!

Emerald Inspired Interior Designs

And lastly, a simple set of curtains that dramatically sweep the floor in bold, emerald brushstrokes.

So, how are you going to use emerald this year? In your wardrobe? In your house? Get bold! Go emerald! I wanna know!

Image Sources: Photo 1: Bed, Ring, Dress, Chevron Wall; Photo 2: Mulberry; Photo 3: Interior Design.


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