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From extreme fixer-upper to supreme elegance, this house underwent a complete transformation to become this family’s dream home. The homeowners found out they were expecting a new addition to the family and realized they needed a more family friendly neighborhood and home to grow into. Today, we’re taking a tour of Coddington Design’s own home in Oakland, California.

The entire home is infused with color and whimsy to celebrate their budding family and lovable pets who claim the home as their own. The softer colors add to the elegance of the space.

Each room has its own unique feel and design.

“Over the past three years, we have designed our way through each room. I often use it as my personal design lab for bringing new ideas to life and watching my experiments unfold.”

Normally, we’re not one to rave about a ceiling – who is unless it’s the Sistine Chapel? But this ceiling is certainly an experimental success! We love the matching wall and ceiling treatment and it’s not too much when the color is broken up by wainscots and box beams.

Quite a transformation from linoleum flooring, missing countertops, and an electric stove! The mid-century modern aesthetic is brought to life with emerald green paint, copper accents, and patterned wallpaper. And look, there are countertops (Blizzard counters to be exact)!

The family-friendly, pet-friendly design is certainly achieved with kitchen eat-in space and the cleanup crew (dog) waiting.

Again, ceiling envy. The bright color perfectly complements the orange accents scattered around the baby’s room while more muted tones bring the design together. The blend of texture, color, and storage solutions is perfect for any little one’s space!

Still colorful, yet the elegant hues create a tranquil getaway for these new parents. The stunning wallpaper heightens the design to new levels!

Coddington Design is equipped with gorgeous wallpapers, clever color use, and beautiful design aesthetic both in their home and with clients.

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