A Kitchen Set Straight

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What do you do when you have a nonsensical kitchen in the Chelsea apartment you just purchased? Enlist the help of Sweeten, the free New York City-based renovation service that matches homeowners with general contractors! Before Meredith and Jason’s kitchen was light and bright, it comprised of dark mahogany cabinets that blocked the window, a misplaced island causing them to squeeze by to enter the kitchen, and a slightly raised floor that resulted in regular toe-stubbing.

Prior to meeting with their Sweeten contractor, Meredith and Jason were told their options were limited as the ceiling, which dropped a foot, could not be lifted. To their excitement, the new contractor was able to lift the ceiling about seven inches. With more space for cabinets, the couple focused on creating a functional space. Their contractor offered a wide peninsula rather than an island that doubles the counter space and gives Meredith a space to work while Jason prepares meals.

Photo from designer AhA!nteriors

A closer look: Meredith and Jason chose Statuario Maximus for both the countertops and backsplash to create a harmonious look. The custom cabinets were created by the contractor and freed the window for maximum natural light. In order to install Jason’s dream hood, a microwave was placed under the peninsula.

The Statuario Maximus was extended to the waterfall-edge peninsula and the wood floor was lowered an inch to eliminate the risk of toe-stubbing and match the rest of the apartment flooring. Such a simple change makes the kitchen feel “bigger, brighter and cleaner.”

We can dub this as another successful renovation!

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