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When eating a slice of cake, a cup of coffee or tea is always within arms’ reach for us. But, just like our cakes at Sweet Laurel, a cup or tea or coffee is more than it appears. From the beginning, Sweet Laurel was about healing through food. When Laurel was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, her world was turned upside down. She was physically deteriorating so badly that she needed to quit her job and focus solely on healing. All of the foods she loved were attacking her thyroid and she had to change over to an entirely new menu. Laurel and I had spent the early days of our friendship baking together, so being told she had to cut out grains, gluten, dairy, soy and legumes was a challenge. What on earth would she bake with?

When Laurel started baking with the ingredients that nourished her - nuts, eggs, coconut - a huge shift occurred. This is where Sweet Laurel began, with the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a slice of cake on their birthday, that it should be delicious and that it should nourish you, too. There’s no such thing as empty calories, every bite is working with you, with good fats, minerals, vitamins and fibers.

Opening the Sweet Laurel Cake Shop was a dream for us, and creating a space that echoed our menu was important. Everything in the shop is beautiful, but we wanted it to be functional, too. The beauty and durability of the Caesarstone countertops are one of the highlights of the space. Noble Grey is such an elegant, timeless look and the countertops can handle the busy activity of a barista station.

Inspired by the color of Noble Grey, we’re sharing our latest menu addition, our Activated Charcoal Latte. Activated charcoal is a fantastic detoxifier and relieves digestive issues while coconut cream is filled with MCTs. It’s delicious and good for you - our favorite way to start the year.

Noble Grey 5211

Activated Charcoal Latte

7 oz. Organic Drip Coffee, very hot

1/8 teaspoon activate charcoal

1 tablespoon date syrup* (store bought or homemade)

1/2 cup coconut cream**

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and combine until frothy and smooth. Pour and enjoy!

*To make date syrup, combine 1 lb. of medjool dates, pitted and chopped, with 4 cups of water in a pot over medium heat. Simmer for 30 minutes, cool and puree in a blender. Strain into a jar and enjoy! Store in a lidded container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

**To get coconut cream, take a can of full-fat coconut milk and let it sit in the fridge overnight, undisturbed. Open the can and remove the thick, white cream, leaving the clear water behind. Whisk the cream to make it smooth.

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