9 Ways to Bring the Tropics Indoors with Wallpaper

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Though I love a stark minimal space, I also gravitate towards interiors that are filled to the brim with decoration. Bright colors! Crazy patterns! Ornate detailing! It gets my heartbeat racing! All these elements together could spell a recipe for disaster, but in the right setting they can be a knock out. Tropical themed interiors are a great example. They have the effect of a jungle—not necessarily a place you go when trying to find peace and quiet. One great way to create the tropical feel without going overboard is with a tropical print wallpaper. It gives the immediate impression of a tropical space and adds a nice color tone too. Here’s how to do it right:

 9 Ways to Bring the Tropics Indoors with Wallpaper

Images: (1) Sublime Decor, (2) If the Lamp Shade Fits, (3) Hus & Hem, (4) Southern Living

  1. In the bathroom. One of my favorite places to apply wallpaper is in the bathroom. It is the perfect size for the scale of wallpaper, and you don’t need too much of it to make an impact. This tropical bathroom wallpaper makes you feel like you’re on a desert island.
  2. Abstract exotic print. This more abstract jungle wallpaper is modernized with a black and white palette, the perfect setting for the brightly colored furniture pieces.
  3. Minimalist/maximalist. This tropical wallpaper adds a beautiful accent to an otherwise minimalist entryway.
  4. Symmetry. One way to balance out the crazy pattern is to keep everything else aligned, like these symmetrical lampshades.
  5. New color palette. Mix up the traditional tropical green pattern with a new color palette, like this peach and purple. It’s truly funky and refreshing.
  6. Large scale. Another way to freshen up the traditional tropical wallpaper is to find a print that’s large scale.
  7. Mix black and white with color. This black and white pattern adds the perfect amount of color to create tasteful yet fun focal point.
  8. Layers. Don’t be afraid to layer on top of the wallpaper with prints. But make sure to use two different scales.
  9. (top image) A wild tropical print is accentuated with solid coordinating colors. Wooden furniture pieces help to tone the look down.

 9 Ways to Bring the Tropics Indoors with Wallpaper

Images: (5) Cole and Son, (6) Digs Digs, (7) Evan Joesph, (8) Completely Coastal

What do you think of tropical style? Is it too much, or just right?

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