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Image: Jeroen Vanleur

Out of all the places I’ve ever lived, my all time favorite bedroom was the den I lived in during grad school in Washington, DC. My 3 roommates and I lived in a darling 4-story row house in Georgetown and it was every ounce the charmer. My room was previously used as an office as it connected to the main living room. Two accordion doors separated the two rooms, meaning that there wasn’t much I couldn’t hear if you wanted some privacy in the living room. Because it wasn’t meant as a real bedroom, it did not come with a closet. When I first moved in, I was absolutely THRILLED to find out my new situation. Finally! I could live my dream of keeping my clothes out in clear sight! I think it’s such a shame to hide your clothes behind closed doors. I mean you spend so much time and money finding the right thing to express your personality. They might as well get a little visibility, right? My clothes tend to be bright and cheery and I thought they could act as decoration to the room. I bought a cheap clothing rack from Target and voila! Clothing as artwork.

Though you may not want to keep your full wardrobe visible, you might consider a clothing rack to display your seasonal items or items that you find particularly beautiful to act as décor. There are some beautiful clothing racks out in the market right now that, in addition to your clothing, can really make a beautiful focal point to your bedroom.

Clothing Rack
Images: (Top Left) Wood Branches, (Top Right) Pipe Rack , (Upper Middle Left) White Pipe Rack, (Upper Middle Right) Black Clothing Rack, (Lower Middle Left) Geometric Rack, (Lower Middle Right) Wooden Beaded Line, (Bottom Left) Leaning Rack, (Bottom Right) Hanging Branch Rack

Wood Branches

This rack is perfect for a more rustic look, or you could combine it with a clean, modern aesthetic to provide warmth to the room.

Pipe Rack

This DIY rack extends vertically rather than horizontally against the wall. It’s a great space saving technique.

White Pipe Rack

A simple leaning rack is a beautiful and minimal solution to let the clothes speak for themselves.

Black Clothing Rack

This one is an Ikea favorite. Great for the budget and not bad on the eyes either!

Geometric Rack

Talk about statement! This geometric clothing rack is beautiful when only a few pieces are hung from it. Give it some air to breathe and shine.

Wooden Beaded Line

This one is a favorite! You could easily make your own out of precut wooden balls, which allows the hangers to be evenly spaced.

Leaning Rack

This one is my favorite. It’s a beautifully designed leaning rack from Dutch designer, Jeroen Vanleur. It’s both clever and stunningly simple.

Hanging Branch Rack

Here another simple DIY project. Just find a branch and paint it white. So stunning.

Would you adopt this technique and let your clothes out? Or are you too private?

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