Eye Spy: Rooms With A New Perspective

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I propose that for those of us that need (or simply want) to wear glasses, the eyewear we’re drawn to is remarkably similar to the rooms we like, and the type of decor we’d want to surround ourselves with. To explore this idea a little further, I’ve matched up five pairs of glasses with five rooms.

Scandi Modern

Images: (Left) Oliver Peoples, (Right) der Design and Food Blog

Gorgeous glasses, with a subtle ombré effect, compliment the wearer without drawing too much attention to the glasses themselves. What could be better for someone drawn to Scandinavian design with it’s beautiful but clean and unfussy lines? The room above, with its white walls and light wood furniture, should appeal to the person who would wear those frames.

Refined Boho

Images: (Left) Warby Parker, (Right) Cush and Nooks

That room with the peacock chair says you’ve got a wild side, but the restrained palette and collection of blue and white pottery say that you’ve settled down a bit. Your free spirit is still inside, but it has been refined, much like these Sawyer brushed gold glasses.

The Academic

Images: (Left) Fetch, (Right) The Marion House Book

The academic takes her books and her bedroom seriously. One needs a cozy spot to read, and of course, a good pair of glasses. The specs and the room are a good match for someone who spends her days enveloped in the written word.


Images: (Left) Rivet and Sway, (Right) Apartment 34

Such fun glasses. The shape is fairly subdued, and is flattering to a wide variety of faces, but the color-blocking hit of pink makes them stand out! If you’re drawn to the look, then you can bring the trend to your home by stopping the paint midway up the wall, before it hits the ceiling. The room above pulls this off flawlessly, and is all the more eye catching because of its use of paint.

A Wink and a Nod

Images: (Left) Rowley Eyewear, (Right) Design Sponge

Sure, tradition is to be respected, but who says we have to be slaves to it? These glasses take the classic cats-eye shape and give it an updated twist. Similarly, this clever trompe l’oeil bathroom has all the classic touches you’d expect in a vintage-inspired bathroom, save one. The mirror is drawn in place. I don’t know about practicality, but the twist certainly keeps the design interesting!

What do you think? Can you see the same person reflected in each pairing?

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