From Runway to Room: Safari Chic

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Images: (Left) Vogue, (Right) Jonathan Adler

Let the trend spotting begin! As we continue our journey into New York Fashion Week and Fashion Month, industry experts are busy analyzing, assessing, and cataloging each new look. After several runway shows, trends are indeed emerging, and while not a specific print, color, or silhouette, one that I call Safari Chic is a trend worth watching. It adds a luxurious flair to an old theme with all the ingredients needed for a stylish space!

Defining Safari Chic

Safari Dresses
Images: Designs by Diane von Furstenberg via Stylesight

As mentioned, Safari Chic isn’t as tangible as say the black-and-white or mini skirt trend. It’s more of a vibe; one that evokes sophistication and glamour along with iconic imagery of an African safari. While designers like Jason Wu offer modern interpretations of classic safari apparel, others such as Diane von Furstenberg, use bold prints inspired by the animals, landscapes, and textures of the African savannah. It all mixes together to create a trend with familiar roots while having an upgraded, shiny, new look!

Getting the “Vibe” at Home

Zebra Decor
Image: Jonathan Adler

Again, Safari Chic is all about mixing glamour with traditional safari imagery. This could mean pairing a zebra rug with lustrous brass objects; a natural texture like a woven baskets with silk fabrics; or, reference ethnic prints like Suno’s spring 2014 collection. Still at a loss?

Step 1: Grab Your Sophisticated Safari Goods

Animal Decor
Images: (1) Glass Menagerie Giraffe by Jonathan Adler, (2) Brasilia Triangles Pillow by Jonathan Adler, (3) Zebra by Jonathan Adler, (4) Glass Menagerie Monkey on Post by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler offers several options to bring home the animals of Africa. New for fall, the designer has introduced pieces to his famous pottery collection, including the Glass Menagerie Monkey and Giraffe. He has also introduced original paintings like “Zebra” by Jenna Snyder-Phillips, and has a range of complementary textiles.

African Decor
Images all designed by Nate Berkus: (1) Folding Campaign Style Stool via Popsugar, (2) Elephant Tea Light Holders via Popsugar, (3) Graphic Frames via Popsugar, (4) Water Hyacinth Storage Basket via Popsugar, (5) Pillow via Popsugar

Nate Berkus is on a similar wavelength with his fall 2013 collection for Target. Products include a campaign stool, metallic pillows, and an assortment of other accessories that work well with the Safari Chic aesthetic.

Step 2: Pile on the glamour!

Safari Inspired Furniture
Images: (1) Royce Chair via Z Gallerie, (2) Rey Mirror via Z Gallerie, (3) Century Table Lamp via Z Gallerie, (4) Andover Cabinet via Z Gallerie

Use currently-owned pieces or, my favorite, shop for something new! Good material options include velvet, brass, mirror, lacquer, Lucite… basically anything with a shine.

With several days to go, I’m eager to see what unfolds on the runway. Until then, what do you think about this glamorous nod to the safari? Is it a trend worth trying?

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