Hop onto the Indigo Train

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Have you noticed the trend of indigo and indigo dyeing techniques on the runway and in the home? I can’t get enough of it! The variegated feel and bold color makes for a unique mood and statement to both home products and clothing.

Historically, indigo was a rare occurrence because the natural dyes were hard to find. Nowadays, the dyes tend to be synthetic so there are more opportunities to go blue. It’s also the same blue found in blue jeans, so now you know! Here are some of my favorite ways to use indigo in the home and some of my favorite pieces to add to your closet.

Hop Onto the Indigo Train

  1. Indigo artwork. Indigo patterns are painted onto a piece of artwork and hung over a white space. It creates a relaxing yet intricate focal point.
  2. ASOS. This blue denim jumper comes two-toned, which adds a fun element to a simple shape.
  3. Settling Sideways. This indigo duvet cover is spot on. The room is tied together with loads of green plants and a blue accent dresser.
  4. Emerson Fry. This indigo caftan from Emerson Fry is perfect for vacationing or just lounging around the house.
Hop Onto the Indigo Train
  1. Scout. I love the use of indigo in this tablecloth. It creates a more natural vibe for a dinner party.
  2. Behind The Insanity. This denim on denim look feels ‘90s but is also up-to-date with the boyfriend fit jeans.
  3. Kitka. This indigo tapestry is well placed on a white wall. Indigo and white are great colors to use together because they feel refreshing and clean.
  4. Jewlr. This indigo dyed dress from Anthropologie is spot on with the indigo trend!

Hop Onto the Indigo Train

Image: More & Co.

This indigo dyed shirt is subtle yet whimsical. It’s a perfect way to get into the trend without committing too much.

(top image) This sofa has been upholstered in indigo canvas, which is both sturdy and interesting.

Have you jumped on the indigo train?


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