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This week on #kbtribechat, the design community shared what organization means to them and the role it plays in keeping house. Let’s dive right in!

What is the hardest area in the house to organize or keep organized?

A disordered kitchen is our arch nemesis! We love the world of kitchen gadgets and goodies, but they can easily create clutter when not arranged properly.

The 2018 Kitchen Trends Study by Houzz states that “obsession with decluttering” and “optimizing function through custom storage” are key priorities for homeowners. How can designers and manufacturers like Rev-A-Shelf aid homeowners in this pursuit?

Designers and manufacturers can help by offering unique storage solutions that solve homeowners’ specific problems. The approach should be unique to each homeowner, as everyone has different needs when it comes to their home. It's personal!

Decluttering is different than organizing: one focuses on purging belongings while the other focuses on rearranging belongings in a more structured manner. What are your clients actually seeking?

Our clients want organization, but many need storage solutions and tools to help them. Decluttering is an occasional task, while having a functional home is a lifestyle!

Image: Angus McRitchie

Organized homes —what room(s) seem to dictate whether or not your whole home feels truly orderly?

We think of the kitchen as the hub of the home, and with so much cabinetry, kitchen goods and food, it’s a space that can easily become chaotic. But it’s also a space that can stand out when it’s managed well!

Image: BHG

What cabinet(s) is sorely underrepresented in storage solutions?

We love to see cabinetry that houses appliances like microwaves and toasters! Slide-out shelving is also hugely helpful when it comes to storage in the kitchen.

Share photos of your favorite organized space, and don’t forget to tell us why it’s your favorite!

We LOVE this storage space that doubles as a breakfast nook. Coffee lovers, rejoice!


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