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We get it, you’re stumped, starting to lose that creative spark and need to get your mojo back - we’ve all been there. So much so, that this week’s #KBTribeChat discussion was all about how to keep our minds in peak creative condition. The chat challenged us to think about the roots of our inspiration and how to get (and keep!) our creative juices flowing freely. So grab a pen and paper and jot down a few of your favorites, because we’re sharing our tips for ultimate motivation!

What do you find key to staying creative and inspired?

Having a creative space to get creative, of course! Customizing an office to your taste and design can get those creative juices flowing in no time. Decorating the office with a comfortable office chair, inspirational prints and adding some green with a house plant are just a few things you can do to get yourself more motivated.

Design: Kriste Michelini Interior | Danville Ca. Photography

Do travels inspire your designs? In what ways?

Traveling to a new place always sparks some sort of creativity. The world is filled with inspiration, from the architecture in Madrid to the breathtaking art in Rome. One design to keep an eye out for is Scandinavian designs. This style uses a lot of textures and contrasts to create a modern, bohemian look for the home.

Does following your friend’s travels and experiences provide inspiration? What sites are best for this?

When we aren’t green with envy, friend’s social media accounts are great avenues in which to find new creative outlets. Instagram is a great way to navigate not only through your friends’ feeds, but your favorite brand’s design feeds as well. The hashtag feature is also a great way to find fresh design inspirations.

What print and online magazines are inspirational for kitchen and bath design?

Elle Decor is our guilty pleasure! The magazine goes far beyond just kitchen and bath designs but showcasing home tours and products. The home tours offer a look into the most beautiful homes and we can’t get enough.

What online sites do you use to share or search for inspirational ideas?

Houzz is a handy tool when looking for decorating and remodeling ideas. The online community connects thousands of people with decorating, interior design and architecture inspiration.

Design: Caesarstone Houzz Visual Showcase

Blogs can provide design inspiration! What are your favorites?

While the Interior Collective is obviously our favorite, Caesarstone’s Information and Inspiration blog is also a great source for design insight and tips and tricks. From lighting tips to bathroom and kitchen trends, it’s a great tool to keep you in the design industry know.

Design: Chad James

What experiences inspire you? Cooking? Showrooms? Design Showcases? Trade shows? Nature? Spa visits? Why?

All the above! We always welcome new experiences when it comes to finding fresh approaches to design. Showrooms and design showcases can be a great way to experience products in real life opposed to viewing it on a screen or on a shelf. And as for spa visits… we can all use a visit or two to re-collect our thoughts while we zen out.

Design: Sublime Cabinet Design | Concetto Blue Agate

What topics would you like to discuss at KBtribechat? There is much to be inspired by in our weekly discussions! Please share your ideas for future chats.

While kitchen and bath is fun… we’d love to see more restaurant design and interior layouts. Caesarstone supplies plenty of countertops to coffee shops and cafes. The Tender Greens in Los Angeles accompanied their metro style with Caesarstone countertops. Design doesn’t just stay at home!

Design: Brooke Spreckman of Design Hutch


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