My Top 3 Summer Recipes and their Dining Decor Matchups

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Well folks, Labor Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in our last summer meals. Certain things just taste better in the summer, so whether it’s just you and your honey, the whole extended family, or a small group of friends, here are some of my favorite summer meals and the perfect settings to enjoy them.


Bread Pudding Breakfast Nook
Images: (Top Left) Foodnetwork, (Bottom Left) Sparrows and Spatulas, (Right) heirloom philosophy

I’ll be honest, Ina Garten’s bread pudding French toast is a favorite of mine year round, but I think it tastes better in the summer – I’m generally more active so I don’t feel as guilty about the extra calories. And let me tell you… every extra calorie is worth it. Find the delicious recipe here.

I’m not necessarily a morning person, but this past week I’ve been getting up before the sunrise. I’ve really enjoyed how the sunlight slowly pours into our windows in an extra magical way that only seems to happen in the morning. There is something so great and summery about enjoying breakfast in a cozy nook next to big beautiful windows. This design element is on my “must have” list for my future home. Combine this setting with bread pudding French toast and boom! – instant perfect summer morning.


Summer Salad Patio
Images: (Top) Lonny Magazine, (Bottom) Feast and Harmony

One of my rules to live by is to eat at least one meal outside in the summertime. I don’t accomplish this on a daily basis because the rule I actually live by is “drink at least one meal out of a cup every day all year round,” but oh how I long for the perfect patio (and more time) so that I could live by the former instead. I love the patio setting above – everything from the inexpensive but fun and festive lanterns, the casual throw pillows, to the mismatched chairs. Shading is key while eating outdoors in the summer, especially during lunchtime. This rattan covering adds texture, and is an interesting departure from the standard pole umbrella.

For the perfect recipe to match your summer lunch outdoors I want to suggest something that I haven’t tried before but sounds amazing; so if you have a chance to try this before I do leave a comment and let me know how it is! I love watermelon and I love roasted corn so why not?! Find the full recipe here.


Kitchen and Pizza
Images: (Top) Windsor Smith via Veranda Magazine, (Bottom) Oh My Veggies

I actually had the privilege of seeing this Windsor Smith designed all-in-one kitchen-dining area in person during the Veranda show house tour. It’s just as stunning up close and really got me thinking about how I live, cook, eat, and entertain. Of course I prefer to use the dining room for more formal dinners, but so often, especially during the summer, I like to keep things casual and relaxed – I love this alternative to dining outdoors. It’s convenient, fun, large enough for a big party, and everyone is right there to help with the dishes when dinner and socializing is over!

Pizza is my pick for this summer dinner, especially in our casual kitchen-dining room, for a few reasons:

  1. Pizza is always a crowd pleaser, especially when guest can make their own.

  2. The large table doubles as an island. It’s the perfect place for guests to create their own pizza, and then dine together when they’re done baking!

  3. The possibilities for ingredients are endless; plus, during the summertime you can include extra fresh herbs and veggies.

To try out the delicious grilled caprese naan pizza, view the full recipe here.

These are just a few ideas to get your end of summer juices flowing for how you can make the most out of the few summer meals you have left.

What are your favorite recipes along with your favorite settings to dine in the summertime? Comment below to let us know!

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