The Wellness Kitchen Trend

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This month, we had the pleasure of hosting our very own KBtribechat! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Twitter chat, it was started in 2011 by Stacy Garcia, the owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers. Each Wednesday, designers, contractors and architects from around the world come together to discuss kitchen and bath design trends. For our discussion, we chose to focus on the Wellness Kitchen trend.

The desire to live healthily and our growing knowledge of how daily habits affect wellbeing are major influences on kitchen design today–and for good reason. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and should further our healthy lifestyle, not hinder it. That’s where the Wellness Kitchen comes in.

The Wellness Kitchen trend extends beyond just a healthy diet. It is about using advancements in technology and design to foster healthier lifestyles for our bodies, our minds and our planet. An ideal Wellness Kitchen doesn’t just feed the mind and soul with its functional, visually satisfying designs. It also encourages social interactions and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Design by Chad Esslinger | 4004 Raw Concrete perimeter, 4001 Fresh Concrete island

From residential remodeling to commercial development, there is a growing niche for wellness-focused design, creating an opportunity for designers, contractors, retailers, manufacturers and other industry professionals to contribute to a better, healthier world.

At Caesarstone, we strive to create a kitchen counter culture that contributes to and fosters healthier lifestyles, from the manufacturing plant all the way to the home. Below are the questions we posed during the chat, as well as some of our favorite answers.

From putting healthy food on public display to open-concept kitchens that encourage family interaction and food prep, there are all kinds of ways to design with wellness in mind. What does the Wellness Kitchen trend mean to you?

“Wellness Kitchen is an all-encompassing term that starts in the design phase, includes smart building material choices and ends with healthy use of the space.” -Garcia Cabinetmakers, a custom cabinet company 

“[Wellness Kitchens are] kitchens that aren’t just functional, but that make life easier to follow a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating, emphasizes fresh food and makes storing and preparing it a priority.” - Rev-A-Shelf, a manufacturer of home storage and organization solutions

Design by Jameson Interiors |Image by Andrea Calo Photograph | 5141 Frosty Carrina

“[There are] so many facets to the Wellness Kitchen, starting with healthful food prep, through steam cooking, sous vide, etc. Natural light and connection to outdoors [is] also key. Even acoustics, through quiet appliances and sound-absorbing finishes.” - Daniel DiClerico, a home expert and smart home strategist

"The Wellness Kitchen to us means ‘less is more.’ Less clutter; more functional storage. Less time and stress; more smart appliances. Less isolation; more interaction. Less environmental impact; more earth-friendly. Less junk food, more locally sourced food.” - HomeDecorAZ, a home decor store specializing in tiles and lighting

Design by LDa Architecture & Interiors | Architecture by Amanda Hanley|  Image by Sean Litchfield Photography | 3141 Eggshell

"Anything that encourages a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, such as including sustainable materials like wood within a kitchen design.” - DXV Canada, a company showcasing kitchen and bath appliances

"Healthy kitchen to me means a safe, clean, user-friendly area. Excellent appliances like Blanco America sinks and easy-to-clean countertops like Caesarstone are essential!”  - Deborah Mainartist and founder of the popular blog, The Pillow Goddess

Design by BCD Interiors | 4003 Sleek Concrete
Consumers are becoming more conscious of not just their own health, but the health of the planet.  Using sustainable, green building materials is more prevalent than ever before. How do you incorporate sustainable materials/elements into your designs?

“When we specify sustainable materials, we not only select materials that are made to last, but that will last long and can be reused or recycled in many ways. We love using Caesarstone in our projects because of how it’s made, and is sustainable over time.” - Cliff and Laura Muller, interior designers and owners of Four Point Design Build

Design by Four Point Design Build Inc | Interior Design and build by Laura and Cliff Muller | Image by Riley Jamison | 1141 Pure White
Your kitchen should serve as a retreat, not a pressure cooker. What tips do you have for streamlining design to avoid clutter and promote minimalism?

“A place for everything and everything in its place!  Thoughtful design will help accomplish how the kitchen is used.” - Nancy Young, interior designer

Design by Anthony Perez | Image by Carina Salvi |1141 Pure White

“We recommend well-appointed storage and well-lit kitchen areas. Task lighting under the cabinets and lighting within the cabinetry to both see and showcase your wares. Don’t discount natural light, which is integral in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.” - Grass America, a kitchen, bath and office appliance manufacturer

“Designing for organization and clutter containment solutions help the kitchen stay retreat-like versus pressure cooker-like.” - Federal Brace, a manufacturer of  residential and commercial products

Design by Chervin Kitchen and Bath | 2141 Blizzard
 An ideal Wellness Kitchen should be easy to maintain, user-friendly for all ages and logically planned. Share your favorite Wellness Kitchen design and tell us why you love it.

“[Wellness Kitchens] are calming, warm and inviting. We definitely see this trend hitting it off this year!” - Signature Kitchen Suite, a manufacturer of luxury bath appliances

“I dream of loads of natural life to grow my herbs!” - Rev-A-Shelf, a manufacturer of home storage and organization solutions

Design by Melissa Morgan Design | 2141 Blizzard

Design by Coddington Design | 2141 Blizzard

“A kitchen with a large pantry would be able to hold foods for every occasion and person in the house. Which means room for healthy snacks and late nite snacks!” -  MRDirect Sinks, a manufacturer of sinks, faucets and appliances for kitchen and bath

Caesarstone partnered with Dan Brunn Architecture & other green companies to create a house of the future. If you were designing a sustainable house, which materials would you use? Create your own moodboard and share.

Design by Garcia Cabinetmakers

"Apparently, I like grays, blues, rustic, and matte black." - Choice Cabinet, a manufacturer of custom cabinets

Design by Choice Cabinet

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