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Here’s your chance to win an awesome piece of Color Cartel urban art for your home or office! These pieces were hand-made during the Caesarstone cocktail party at this year’s International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. They got so much hype and attention we thought we’d give you the opportunity to take one home!

How to Enter:

  1. Like the CaesarstoneUS Instagram Profile
  2. Like or Comment on the painting you love most
  3. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Instagram on Tuesday 5/5

Find more rules here.

The Prizes:

 You could win one of three painted wooden canvases sent to your door (US Only). The artists coated the canvases with two layers of paint to make the stone-like finish for the backgrounds, and then used acrylic spray paint, paint markers and an ink mop to complete the detailed designs.


Canvas 1 by ASPE


Canvas 2 by ASPE


Canvas 3 by MOUF


About The Color Cartel:

The Color Cartel started as a name which APSE and his crew could sign their legal works without revealing their “tag names”. Painting graffiti changed these artists’ perspective on the world around them; they create in ways that cannot be ignored. “We turn the mundane into entertaining, by sharing our personalities and perspectives.” As demand for pieces by The Color Cartel grew, they established bases in four states, creating full-time opportunities for the family of artists.


About The Artists:

Andrew Horner a.k.a. APSE grew up in Arizona and Idaho. He received a BS degree in Economics and Mathematics from Brigham Young University - Idaho. He is the first professional graffiti artist to receive a significant amount of solo exposure in an American university. His 2014 solo show, “Let’s Grow Old & Colorful Together,” set a one-month attendance record at the 4th largest university in America. His current projects include work for SXSW and MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He is a member of the SprATX artist collective known for their commissions at the XGames and Austin City Limits. APSE almost exclusively uses spray paint, and employs vibrant colors that cut through the urban noise and concrete.

Heath Speakman a.k.a. MOUF will rarely put his art to canvas. After realizing his art is best suited for the streets and public spaces, he decided to pursue a lifestyle befitting his medium. Most noted for the Mouf Bear image, but certainly not his only great work. Much of Mouf’s portfolio includes a certain grungy or grimy appeal, reflecting the mindset of the artist. “I have to paint. If I don’t, I will die.” Mouf is also known for doing numerous live art shows, and is constantly collaborating with other artists. He started his own business screen printing, which soon grew into his own collective of artists.


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