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Coco, founder of COCOCOZY interior design blog and home furnishings collection, loves anything to do with creating beautiful, functional spaces for the home. Coco started her blog back in 2008 with a simple goal of providing design inspiration to her readers. Three years after starting the blog, she created a luxury home textiles collection that she designs and manufactures here in the U.S.

Million Dollar Bathrooms

Hi everyone.  This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog here on Interior Collective today.

Million dollar real estate listings are all the rage these days.  Touring high end homes on television and in magazines for design inspiration and getting a glimpse of the luxurious life has become a sport.  I am sure at some point in your life you have wondered how the uber uber wealthy live.  You probably imagined expensive well decorated houses, fast cars, shiny jewelry, a dazzling social life, red carpet events, jet setting around the world.  Those are the typical things most of Americans might wonder about the lifestyle of the top 1% earners in the U.S.   Right?

I am going to take these million dollar musings one step further.  Have you ever wondered where the rich and the famous bathe?  I am sure you have not. Well I have!  I really do wonder about the baths in high end homes from time to time.  Why you might ask? For inspiration.   From a design perspective I like to see what materials are used, the floor plan and  layout, the finishes, the fixtures,  the amenities and more.

In today's post, I picked 6 bathrooms from multi million dollar homes for sale for your viewing pleasure.  Which one is your favorite?

$70,000,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Classic Elegance 

(Via Sothebys Homes)

$50,000,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Bold Masculine

(Via Sothebys Homes)

$27,500,000; Bel Air, CA - Bath style: Modern Zen

(Via The Agency)
$26,000,000; Southampton, NY - Bath style: Chic Cabin

$16,500,000; Los Angeles, CA - Bath style: Urban Cool

$12,500,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Basic Beauty



My favorites are Classic Elegance and Modern Zen.  Great bathrooms.  Now I just need to find a $100 million to buy them!

Would love to hear what you think!

Fireplace Surrounds

This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog here today.  So thrilled to be posting here on Interior Collective.  Today I want to look at the world of fireplace surrounds and the materials used to face the surrounds.

The fireplace surround is the area closest to the fireplace hearth. On a traditional fireplace, the surround is then topped by a mantel.  In modern decor, the fireplace surround may end up covering the entire wall and chimney.  Fireplace surround facing can be made of quartz (Caesarstone is my quartz of choice), metal, stone/marble, brick or tile.  So many great options and so many looks.

Right now I am in a modern phase as my guy and I are personally working on remodeling a somewhat modern home.  My favorite today is the quartz look because it is sleek and elegant. Running a close second and the exact opposite, is a fireplace with the cottage chic look of white painted brick (the house that I am moving out of is a small cottage where a brick fireplace would look oh so nice).

Take a look at these options for inspiration.

QUARTZ/CAESARSTONE - Sleek and modern

Via Habitar Design

Via Dwell

METAL - Can add old world charm or modern gleam to a fireplace look.

Via Regency

Via Minimalisti

MARBLE - This classic stone is timeless and sophisticated on any fireplace

Via DPages

Via Residence Style

TILE - The options for color, texture and style are endless when using tile on a fireplace.

Via House to Home


Via Mission Stone & Tile

Via Chandos Interiors

BRICK - Brick is a fireplace classic that is underrated these days I think.  I like the look of brick that is painted white.

Via Adore Magazine

Via Ashley Winn Design

 Which one of these do you prefer?  What might you put around your own fireplace and why?

Regardless of which option you choose, just know that you can add major style to your living space with just a little attention to detail around your fireplace!

Wonders of Wallpaper – 7 Fabulous Looks

Hi everyone.  This is Coco of COCOCOZY here on Interior Collective today.  So excited to be doing this post on the Wonders of Wallpaper.  If you follow my blog, you know that my guy TE and I are renovating a new house. Right, now we are in the process of deciding on the finishes.  One of the things we are considering is adding in a bit of wallpaper.  Wallpaper is something I had not considered in other homes I have had. For some reason, this time around a little bit of wallpaper might just do the design trick in the den or maybe the home office!

There are so many possibilities with wallpaper today.  Wallpaper options are no longer relegated to the chintz of old times; those dense florals still exist but there are so many other choices too.  Florals, geometric, animal prints, Chinoiserie, landscapes and so much more.

Here are 6 fabulous styles of modern wallpaper for your inspiration:

Lines of simple vines create a wonderful pattern and an elegant look.

GEOMETRIC - I love the clean bold lines of a geometric pattern - the perfect blend of modern and classic.

Via Girl Softo

FAUNA WHIMSY - From birds, to butterflies, to zebras, wallpaper can add amazing life into a space.

Via Lifestyle Etc

OVERSIZED FLORA -Super sizing flowers and plants, makes a huge statement in a space.  "Bigger is better" is certainly the new modern floral wallpaper play!

Via Houzz

MURALS - Wallpaper murals are very chic.  Full landscape scenes on a feature wall or wrapping around a wall are the ultimate in elegance.

NATURAL TEXTURE - Using a grass cloth or hemp wallpaper infuses both color and texture into a space.

Via Hampton Designer Showhouse

Wallpaper definitely amps up the decor in any room.  A wonderful linear vine pattern for a bedroom, a grand mural for the dining room, and grass cloth wallpaper in a den, study or library is a must have!

Where might you dare to use wallpaper in your home?

Ask an Expert: COCOCOZY

Hi Interior Collective Readers! Thank you so much for all of your great questions! I am so excited to be this week's Ask the Expert!

Using Patterns and Texture

Q1. Hi Coco! Loving your patterns and your throws are delightful! I have a bit of a Blue/Grey/Yellow scheme going on. Do you suggest adding another color or punching up the space with more vibrant saturations of these hues? - Corinn

A1. Hi Corinn,
Great color scheme. I would not add in another color. I think three colors plus white is more than enough in a space. I would just add in different patterns and textures to add depth to the design. Embrace your color scheme of gray, yellow, and blue by adding in different prints and patterns using those colors. A wonderful fine stripe on a pillow, a great trellis patterned rug, or even accenting the ceiling with fantastic demure floral wallpaper in your color scheme could add that extra design punch to your space. Don't go too crazy with pattern though... use restraint when adding in these textures and you'll have a visually interesting space.

Yellow Blue and Gray Twin Room
Image: Ali Schwarz

Adjoining Room Color Schemes

Q2. Hi!!! I just had my kitchen and keeping room redone with white cabinets and Carrera Marble counters. The walls are pale gray. The adjoining rooms are charcoal and light turquoise with pops of orange. I wanted to go with a different color story in the keeping room. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! - Mindy

A2. Hi Mindy,
I just featured rooms by designer Mary McDonald that have a gray, white, and lavender color scheme. I love the idea of adding lavender or subtle shades of purple into a gray and white environment. I think lavender can add elegance, style, and a bit of cheer to an otherwise neutral space. The lavender accents could be in the form of pillows, a white roman shade with a lavender grosgrain ribbon trim, or even some beautiful framed botanicals in shades of purple for the walls. Good luck with your "keeping room". I am sure it will be just perfect!

Gray and White Lavender Living Room
Image: Betsy Burnham

Sofa Décor

Q3. Hi Coco,
I just moved in to a new place with white walls and a white kitchen, so I have an opportunity to play with colors and texture. I have wood (mostly mahogany) furniture with metal accents. What are examples of what you would you use for décor or a couch? I usually lean toward blue or sea colors. I’m looking for a contemporary style with a warmer/more feminine feel.
Thank you! - Melissa

A3. Hi Melissa,
This is such a great question. Let's focus on the sofa. I love a great navy velvet blue sofa. I think a sofa in a deep dark blue, that is plush and nice to the touch, can add chic style to an otherwise regular space. The photo here shows a blue sofa against a blue wall, but I think what looks even better is a blue sofa against a white wall. The dark blue acts as a neutral color of sorts, and then you can have fun by adding even one more subtle accent color!

Sectional Blue Velvet Tufted Sofa
Image: House Beautiful

Adding a Pop of Color

Q4. Hi Coco,
I have a lot of chocolate brown, greyish blue, and eggshell colors in my space. I want to freshen it up with accessories that compliment but that are also a deep contrast in order to pop. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks - Djuana

A4. Hi Djuana,
For years, the conventional wisdom would have said to add in orange for that "pop of color" to a color scheme like brown, gray, and slightly off white. However, I would always turn to the blue or green family for that extra bit of color. I love the idea of adding a cheerful green into a space by using soft accessories like pillows or throws, table/shelf décor, and even a small upholstered piece like an ottoman would do.

Brown Gray and Green Living Room
Image: Reid Rolls

Decorating on a Budget

Q5. Hi Coco! I have a problem. I want to re-decorate my living room but don’t have the budget to do a full-fledged makeover. If you had to choose one or two items to help transform my room, what would they be? Something that will give me the most for the money. Thanks!! - Maddison

A5. Hi Maddison,
The two items I would recommend to transform a space on a budget are pillows and paint. There are so many cost effective decorative pillows with larger bold prints on them in the marketplace these days. Stack three colorful pillows onto your sofa and one coordinating pillow in a solid color on a nearby chair. Then there is paint. Do you have some wood furniture that needs a face lift? Paint it in an accent color of your choice. We recently painted a wood Louis XVI style chair in our COCOCOZY offices a matte finish navy blue (see the photo below), and I think it looks awesome. A little paint and a few pillows can make your space look entirely different in a short amount of time!

COCOCOZY Chairs and Pillows

This Week's Ask an Expert: Rachel Winokur

Award-winning Los Angeles Interior Designer, Rachel is known for her eco elegant solutions including the luxury spa at Casa del Mar hotel. In addition, she has appeared on HGTV and DIY, and in House Beautiful and Angeleno Interiors magazines. Rachel also managed $450M as Dir. of the Commercial Dept at Michael Smith.

This Week's Topic: Eco Elegance

This week Rachel will be answering questions about how to be elegant by being Eco friendly. Ask her a question here.

Decorating Right in Black & White

Image: Residence Magazine

Hi everyone! This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog. I am guest blogging once again here on Interior Collective and I am so thrilled to be back.

Today, I bring you a post about decorating in black and white. Black and white color schemes have been a very popular trend over the years in home décor; however, pulling them off takes just the right touch. It is not just as simple as putting a bunch of black and white things into a room, painting a wall all white, adding in a black lamp, and then calling it a day. If done wrong, black and white interiors can feel a little circus like or too cold; but, if done right, black and white home decor can be elegant, chic, sophisticated, and full of personality.

Today, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to properly decorate with black and white. Hope these help!

Tip 1 - Soften Your Blacks & Whites

Image: Birch & Bird

Who says that black and white decorating means you have to use the purest blacks and absolute whites in order to achieve the look? I think not! Take this entry hall for example: The black door is definitely black, but it is a dusty shade of black - a soft black that looks like it has been worn over time. It contrasts nicely with the soft white wall, and the dark gray and white tiles. In this space, the black and white decorating look is achieved with a filter of sorts.

Tip 2 - Use Soft Textures

Image: Agent Bauer/Lotta Agaton

Black and white are two very strong statement colors. They can feel cold and stark if used improperly. If you are going for a pure black and white look, make sure to warm up the space with inviting cozy textures. The living room above is a great example of this. By including some squishy pillows, a nice fluffy rug, soft seating, and a few plants in the design, this black and white room looks like an inviting cozy space.

Tip 3 - Gloss It Up

Image: Lovely Life

Glossy black is always eye catching in small doses. In a white room, paint one smaller surface a glossy black. In this kitchen, the glossy black wood floor works – it actually warms up the space. Plus, it also makes a bold design statement. I am partial to glossy black doors or window trim, or even a shiny black fireplace mantel too!


What are your ideas for great black and white décor? Comment below for a chance to win a COCOCOZY pillow!

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Before and After – Small Kitchen Turned Grand!


Hi there! This is Coco from the COCOCOZY blog, here for another guest post! I’m so thrilled to be here on Interior Collective once again. Today, I bring you a wonderful kitchen transformation: a small dark kitchen turned into a functional and pretty space. Los Angeles based architect Tom Newman of Newman & Wolen reinvented this kitchen into what it is today. I personally took the "after" photos on my own private kitchen tour of this remodel!


Here are the before pictures of this kitchen. As you can see, the room was very basic. No style, some function - not at all the heart of the home that it could be.

Image: Newman & Wolen

Image: Newman & Wolen

Tom's client loves to cook and entertain, so she needed a space in which she could do both. The kitchen plan called for widening the space by removing an adjacent laundry room, changing the cabinets to bright white, and literally redoing all of the surfaces... from backsplash, to flooring, to counters. Here is the amazing after.



A key addition was the large kitchen island with a white Caesarstone a countertop. The island also includes a small counter that fits one counter stool - a place where the homeowner can enjoy a cup of coffee. The expansive work area now allows her to cook, entertain, and enjoy the space all at the same time.

In addition to new Caesarstone counters, the plan also called for an industrial style integrated stainless steel counter and sink - a high design touch.


Stainless steel appliances, a revamped breakfast nook, and lots of storage space round out this redo. The key here is that even a small kitchen can feel quite spacious with the right floor plan and proper choice of materials.

From blah and bland to bright and cheerful, this kitchen’s before and after shows you can successfully transform a small space into one that feels comfortably grand!

I Hope you enjoyed this little before and after. Looking forward to bringing you more tips and inspiration!


How would you design your dream kitchen? Comment below for a chance to win a COCOCOZY pillow!

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Dream Small: How to Design for Small Spaces

Hi there! I am Coco of the COCOCOZY blog. I am so honored to be here on Interior Collective today. My topic this go around is Dream Small!

Small is the new big in my view! I live in a very tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills. When I bought my house, I never imagined I would be living in 700 square feet for years and years – I thought it was just my starter home. I dreamed I would be moving to a mansion within a short amount of time. Well, the mansion has not appeared; and I, like so many others, have made the best of my small home. Now I dream small and love it. It has been fun trying to figure out the tricks of making a smaller space functional and pretty. Here are a few of my design suggestions for those of you who have chosen to DREAM SMALL like me.

1. Sectional Savvy

Small Living Room Decor
Image: Anson Smart

For your living room, if you live in a small space, consider a sectional. In the past, when I heard the term sectional sofa, I immediately thought of huge gigantic family rooms; big enormous screen TV’s, and tall guys eating popcorn and drinking beer with a sporty dog right next to them. That was the past. Now, I think of sectional sofas as compact, sleek, modern forms of seating for chic living spaces. If you are dealing with a narrow space or a small room, instead of having multiple chairs and sofas, use a one unit sectional sofa to provide all of your seating.

2. Floating Shelves

Kitchen Shelving
Image: New York Times

In a small kitchen, heavy upper cabinets can make the space feel closed in and cramped. If you are rethinking your kitchen design, consider using floating shelves for your upper cabinets. These wall mounted shelves take up less room than traditional kitchen cabinetry. Food for thought... right?

3. Go Clear

Clear Furniture

Image: Ingerstedt

Living Room
Image: Arkpad

Visual clutter is the biggest problem in a small space. When I say ‘visual clutter,’ I’m talking about all of the lines, colors, patterns and textures that naturally inhabit a room. While walls, flooring, furniture, lighting, and accessories can all create visual interest, they, at the same time, also create the potential for visual clutter. When choosing furniture, try finding a clear piece or two. Lucite (the chic way of saying acrylic) or glass furniture can help eliminate visual clutter in a small room. Use of even just one clear piece can allow you to have a little more freedom with your design.

You can make the best of your small living space! It can look good and feel good too. I hope these tips have been helpful. Look forward to sharing more design ideas soon. Hope you have a great day.


What are some effective ways you have found to design small?? Comment below for a chance to win a COCOCOZY pillow!

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