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The Wellness Kitchen Trend

This month, we had the pleasure of hosting our very own KBtribechat! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Twitter chat, it was started in 2011 by Stacy Garcia, the owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers. Each Wednesday, designers, contractors and architects from around the world come together to discuss kitchen and bath design trends. For our discussion, we chose to focus on the Wellness Kitchen trend.

The desire to live healthily and our growing knowledge of how daily habits affect wellbeing are major influences on kitchen design today–and for good reason. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and should further our healthy lifestyle, not hinder it. That’s where the Wellness Kitchen comes in.

The Wellness Kitchen trend extends beyond just a healthy diet. It is about using advancements in technology and design to foster healthier lifestyles for our bodies, our minds and our planet. An ideal Wellness Kitchen doesn’t just feed the mind and soul with its functional, visually satisfying designs. It also encourages social interactions and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Design by Chad Esslinger | 4004 Raw Concrete perimeter, 4001 Fresh Concrete island

From residential remodeling to commercial development, there is a growing niche for wellness-focused design, creating an opportunity for designers, contractors, retailers, manufacturers and other industry professionals to contribute to a better, healthier world.

At Caesarstone, we strive to create a kitchen counter culture that contributes to and fosters healthier lifestyles, from the manufacturing plant all the way to the home. Below are the questions we posed during the chat, as well as some of our favorite answers.

From putting healthy food on public display to open-concept kitchens that encourage family interaction and food prep, there are all kinds of ways to design with wellness in mind. What does the Wellness Kitchen trend mean to you?

“Wellness Kitchen is an all-encompassing term that starts in the design phase, includes smart building material choices and ends with healthy use of the space.” -Garcia Cabinetmakers, a custom cabinet company 

“[Wellness Kitchens are] kitchens that aren’t just functional, but that make life easier to follow a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating, emphasizes fresh food and makes storing and preparing it a priority.” - Rev-A-Shelf, a manufacturer of home storage and organization solutions

Design by Jameson Interiors |Image by Andrea Calo Photograph | 5141 Frosty Carrina

“[There are] so many facets to the Wellness Kitchen, starting with healthful food prep, through steam cooking, sous vide, etc. Natural light and connection to outdoors [is] also key. Even acoustics, through quiet appliances and sound-absorbing finishes.” - Daniel DiClerico, a home expert and smart home strategist

"The Wellness Kitchen to us means ‘less is more.’ Less clutter; more functional storage. Less time and stress; more smart appliances. Less isolation; more interaction. Less environmental impact; more earth-friendly. Less junk food, more locally sourced food.” - HomeDecorAZ, a home decor store specializing in tiles and lighting

Design by LDa Architecture & Interiors | Architecture by Amanda Hanley|  Image by Sean Litchfield Photography | 3141 Eggshell

"Anything that encourages a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, such as including sustainable materials like wood within a kitchen design.” - DXV Canada, a company showcasing kitchen and bath appliances

"Healthy kitchen to me means a safe, clean, user-friendly area. Excellent appliances like Blanco America sinks and easy-to-clean countertops like Caesarstone are essential!”  - Deborah Mainartist and founder of the popular blog, The Pillow Goddess

Design by BCD Interiors | 4003 Sleek Concrete

Consumers are becoming more conscious of not just their own health, but the health of the planet.  Using sustainable, green building materials is more prevalent than ever before. How do you incorporate sustainable materials/elements into your designs?

“When we specify sustainable materials, we not only select materials that are made to last, but that will last long and can be reused or recycled in many ways. We love using Caesarstone in our projects because of how it’s made, and is sustainable over time.” - Cliff and Laura Muller, interior designers and owners of Four Point Design Build

Design by Four Point Design Build Inc | Interior Design and build by Laura and Cliff Muller | Image by Riley Jamison | 1141 Pure White

Your kitchen should serve as a retreat, not a pressure cooker. What tips do you have for streamlining design to avoid clutter and promote minimalism?

“A place for everything and everything in its place!  Thoughtful design will help accomplish how the kitchen is used.” - Nancy Young, interior designer

Design by Anthony Perez | Image by Carina Salvi |1141 Pure White

“We recommend well-appointed storage and well-lit kitchen areas. Task lighting under the cabinets and lighting within the cabinetry to both see and showcase your wares. Don’t discount natural light, which is integral in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.” - Grass America, a kitchen, bath and office appliance manufacturer

“Designing for organization and clutter containment solutions help the kitchen stay retreat-like versus pressure cooker-like.” - Federal Brace, a manufacturer of  residential and commercial products

Design by Chervin Kitchen and Bath | 2141 Blizzard

 An ideal Wellness Kitchen should be easy to maintain, user-friendly for all ages and logically planned. Share your favorite Wellness Kitchen design and tell us why you love it.

“[Wellness Kitchens] are calming, warm and inviting. We definitely see this trend hitting it off this year!” - Signature Kitchen Suite, a manufacturer of luxury bath appliances

“I dream of loads of natural life to grow my herbs!” - Rev-A-Shelf, a manufacturer of home storage and organization solutions

Design by Melissa Morgan Design | 2141 Blizzard

Design by Coddington Design | 2141 Blizzard

“A kitchen with a large pantry would be able to hold foods for every occasion and person in the house. Which means room for healthy snacks and late nite snacks!” -  MRDirect Sinks, a manufacturer of sinks, faucets and appliances for kitchen and bath

Caesarstone partnered with Dan Brunn Architecture & other green companies to create a house of the future. If you were designing a sustainable house, which materials would you use? Create your own moodboard and share.

Design by Garcia Cabinetmakers

"Apparently, I like grays, blues, rustic, and matte black." - Choice Cabinet, a manufacturer of custom cabinets

Design by Choice Cabinet

Are you in the design and build industry? Create your very own moodboard today to be entered to WIN TWO FREE TICKETS to the exclusive grand opening of the Dan Brunn Architecture Bridge House in early 2019!

House Tour | Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Grab your passports and break out your cameras; it’s time for this month’s House Tour (in Canada)! We’ll be showing you around one of Sarah Gallop Design Inc.’s modern masterpieces. Sarah Gallop and her team recently completed this custom home located in North Vancouver. Sarah says the design goal was, “to create an open and airy home with clean lines and a contemporary, eye-catching use of materials.”

All photography by Paul Grdina Photography

Kick off your shoes and come on in! We’ll be starting our tour in the kitchen. This modern design features wood valances and gables that create a streamlined, contemporary look.

Fresh Concrete 4001

Two work triangles allow for collaborative cooking and the chevron backsplash brings a bold and eclectic element to this refined design. In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “My worries seem so very small with my waterfall,”–and in this case, we’re talking about the ten-foot, four-inch-long, waterfall-edge island made from Fresh Concrete.  “The sleek sharknose edge applied to the quartz tops extends to the perimeter counters and throughout the spice kitchen,” says Sarah.

The combination of the painted white perimeter, blue island crowned with gold-finished cabinet hardware and lighting fixture details lend warmth and contrast to the contemporary, artistic space.

Additionally, the matte white refrigerator blends seamlessly with the white cabinetry to create a unified and cohesive feeling.

Who says spice kitchens can't be chic? Behind the main kitchen is this lovely space, which is perfect for extra storage and meal prep. Large white tiles and open shelving add a modern twist while Fresh Concrete counters match the main kitchen to tie the whole area together.

Let’s take a look inside the living room, which is completed by two seating areas and a classic glass dining table. Guests can gather around the built-in fireplace while they marvel at the floor-to-ceiling, marble-patterned wall.

The occasional pop of teal brings vibrancy to the sophisticated room. Additionally, the pendant light above the dining table has a reflective gold interior for an added element of luxury. Large sliding glass doors create easy access to the patio, where you can lounge rain or shine, thanks to the overhead covering.

Next up is the beautiful powder room, complete with a slab of Raw Concrete. The art featured on the wall panels adjacent to the backlit mirror provides texture and visual interest. Additionally, the floating millwork with a wall-mounted faucet and vessel sink create an open feeling. “The thick mitered quartz countertop provides a clean band of definition and perfectly ties together the unique backsplash wall application with the floor,” says Sarah.

Raw Concrete 4004

Once you've had a moment to marvel at the sculptural statement wall across from the wooden staircase, which transgresses all three floors of the house, we'll take a look at the master suite. 

An abundance of windows allows natural light to flood into the room during the daytime and creates an ethereal glow. Again, a simple color palette is used, which produces an air of sophistication and serenity.

Designer tip: use large scale porcelain tiles throughout a room to create an enlarging visual effect. The floating wood vanity creates warmth and an open airy feeling in conjunction with the large scale materials and glass shower enclosure. Fresh Concrete tops the modern wood vanity in a simple heavy mitered presentation. The quartz lends, “a comfortable break to the eyes, allowing other striking elements to hold the spotlight,” says Sarah.

4001 Fresh Concrete

After you've finished freshening up in the gorgeous master bath, we'll grab a cocktail at the at-home bar. A sleek design coupled with the large sliding glass doors allows the beautiful outdoor landscaping to shine through.

Who doesn’t want an at-home theatre? The Sarah Gallop Design Inc. team makes this childhood dream a reality with this elegant media room. The room is perfect for gathering friends and catching up on recent movies before the Oscars.

Move over maple syrup and Granville Island, Vancouver has a new main attraction! From the bold architectural framework to the stunning interior, this gorgeous house from Sarah Gallop Interior Design Inc. is a sleek masterpiece.


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Designer Spotlight | M Monroe Design

In this month's Designer Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at a design firm that is the essence of New York-chic: M Monroe Design. The full service, New York-based interior design studio is known for its attention to detail and sophisticated yet comfortable designs. Michala Monroe founded the company in 2009 and describes her company’s style as modern, warm, minimal and timeless.

Let’s dive right in with a look at this gorgeous Brooklyn kitchen on Carroll Street, an area fondly referred to by locals as “Little France.”  An open space layout and large glass doors let in plenty of natural sunlight and creates a bright and airy space perfect for parties and gatherings.

All photography by Dylan Chandler | 2141 Blizzard

The modern design is set off with dark wood cabinetry, which contrasts beautifully with the Blizzard countertops. A patterned tile backsplash in a neutral hue creates visual interest without overwhelming the eye.

2141 Blizzard

Next up on our design adventure tour is a vivacious Brooklyn kitchen on Cobble Hill, which was completed in 2017.

Architecture by Baxt Ingui | 6141 Ocean Foam

Hello, periwinkle! The cabinet color brings tons of personality to the small space while remaining modern and vibrant. M Monroe Design ties the room together with Ocean Foam counters, which complement the bold pattern of the seating and whimsical light fixture.

Architecture by Baxt Ingui | 6141 Ocean Foam

Architecture by Baxt Ingui | 6141 Ocean Foam

If neutral kitchens are more your speed, M Monroe Design does that as well. The design team made sure every square inch of this Harlem kitchen was put to good use. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry allows for maximum storage while the subtle, light colors used make the space feel larger and open. 

5031 Statuario Maximus

The Statuario Maximus counters bring a flare of sophistication and luxury. Meanwhile, the subway-tiled backsplash creates a modern and organized feel. 

5031 Statuario Maximus

Speaking of backsplashes, check out this unique kitchen design. The round, abstract nature of the backsplash complements the simplicity of the white kitchen, which is offset with wooden cabinets.


3141 Eggshell

The crisp and fresh look of the cream-colored Eggshell counters looks right at home in this design.

3141 Eggshell

Designer tip: if you use a classic color scheme like white, black and grey, it allows you more liberty to get creative with patterns. An intricate tile pattern is used as a backsplash at the kitchen peninsula and behind the stove and sink in this design. The subtle speckles of grey in the Ocean Foam counters create further visual intrigue.  

6141 Ocean Foam

Who said a white kitchen has to be boring? The built-in wine cubbies in this kitchen are a fun and creative conversation starter for any party. The Frozen Terra countertops are fused with irregular translucent aggregate and fine black basalt, which creates a fresh and dynamic look.

4601 Frozen Terra

M Monroe Design consistently creates and executes modern, sophisticated designs that maximize storage and are built for function. Their beautiful designs have us ready to whip up a Cosmo and watch Sex and the City! The firm is taking the New York interior design world by storm and adding a flare of effortless sophistication to every design they create. Be sure to keep an eye out for what this talented firm creates next.

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Exclusive Venue Tour | The Commons by Tasting Table

Despite its name, the beautiful space by Tasting Table is anything but common. The Commons is an airy loft in SoHo/Manhattan and was designed with community, conversation and culture in mind. Tasting Table, a modern media brand for food and drink enthusiasts, decided to create a one-of-a-kind venue perfect for hosting events that marry food and culture. “Food isn't just food anymore. It's intertwined with art, fashion, music, books and more,” says a representative from Tasting Table.

The talented team at FLOAT Studio designed all 2,500 square feet of the private space, which is complete with Western exposure, 12-foot ceilings and a skylight. FLOAT Studio captured the essence of Tasting Table’s culture while ensuring the space looked modern, warm and inviting.

"Aesthetically, we tried to do something that wasn't too masculine or too feminine—gender neutral. We maintained what you need for events while not losing that Tasting Table touch and having some personality in it," says Barbara Giacoman, a junior designer at FLOAT Studio.

Let’s start our tour off in our favorite room: the kitchen. Matte burgundy cabinets bring a refined flair to this dynamic space. The FLOAT Studio team wanted to keep the rest of the kitchen neutral, however. “When you’re working with food, gearing toward neutrals helps to highlight what you’re doing,” says Brad Sherman, a partner at FLOAT Studio.

Frozen Terra 4601

This brings us to the pièce de résistance, the Frozen Terra countertops and backsplash. “The creamy color was ideal to contrast the burgundy, the black outlines [between the cabinets] and the black outlets,” continues Brad.

The matte ivory finish speckled with charcoal and silver adds lightness and dimension to the design. Since The Commons is going to be used for hosting plenty of events, the FLOAT Studio team wanted to be sure they used only the best, must durable materials.

“Function leads the design process,” says Brad. “[It] is the number one thing to understand [to know] how clients are going to move through the space." That’s why they decided to work with Caesarstone, whose quartz is virtually maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, tambour wall coverings were used throughout the space to add warmth and texture.

Let’s pop over to the lounge area which features an electric, royal-blue sofa. The stand out design elements incorporated throughout The Commons ensure there will be no shortage of conversation starters for the lucky guests.

A touch of greenery adds freshness and life while the wall of mirrors is a clever trick to make the room appear more spacious. Bar tables and stools are incorporated for an easy place for guests to sip on martinis and discuss the latest food trends.

The Commons can comfortably accommodate 30 people for a sit-down dinner and 75 for a walk-around tasting. The army green chairs at the oversized wooden dining table add a refreshing pop of color without competing with the bold, blue sofa.

A grand skylight opens up the space while overhead potted-plants radiate effervescence. The army green color used in the dining room is carried through to this sit-down area in conjunction with blush pillows and stools. Whether it’s rain or shine, guests can enjoy a view of the New York skies while remaining indoors.

“It feels like you are in a warm, comfortable environment that has a unique personality," says Brad. "There's nothing like this that exists. It really is a unique, one-of-a-kind space." We couldn’t agree more! One thing is certain: we know where we’ll be hosting all of our future wine-and-dine gatherings. Schedule your next event at The Commons!

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Designer Spotlight | Madison Taylor Design

You might remember Madison Taylor Design from one of our previous House Tours, where the talented design team renovated a truly extraordinary home in Barrie, Ontario with the help of a few slabs of 8531 Blue Agate. Well, we couldn't get enough of their showstopping designs, so we're shining the spotlight on them once again!

The firm was founded in 2010 and is based out of Ontario, Canada. Madison Taylor is known for providing designs that are creative, memorable and seamlessly unexpected. They have a track record of surpassing expectations and achieving extraordinary results.

8531 Blue Agate

With an in-house staff of interior designers, architectural technologists, an OAA architect and other subject matter experts, Madison Taylor can provide a full service, integrated design team while creating a personalized relationship for each and every client.

2003 Concrete

For example, the firm created this truly unique design for RIPE JUICERY, an all plant-based, organic and unpasteurized juice company. Raw Concrete adorns the exquisite chevron-patterned cashier stand, which is highlighted by the copper overhead lighting.

4004 Raw Concrete

If modern minimalism is more your style, Madison Taylor can do that, too.  This kitchen achieves a fresh, clean look with the help of a Noble Grey adorned island and contemporary chairs.

5211 Noble Grey

“Madison thinks outside of the box when working with each individual client and strays away from the ‘cookie cutter’ look by using unique and creative design concepts with our inside/out approach," says Alexis Farrell, a team member at Madison Taylor Design.

In the past, the firm has used Caesarstone's Concetto collection to help create one-of-a-kind, unforgettable spaces.  The petrified wood look of Albero takes center-stage in this kitchen while playing off of the eclectic, iridescent lighting.
8330 Albero

A pop of indigo from the tufted couch in this home plays against the gold accents used in the cabinetry and exhaust hood. Meanwhile, the Pure White countertops help to balance out the design.


1141 Pure White

Madison Taylor Design chooses to incorporate Caesarstone into their designs because each piece provides the space they are creating with a unique look that brings the entire design together. “Our clients are always blown away with the look, feel and quality of Caesarstone products,” says Alexis.
1141 Pure White

1141 Pure White

Madison Taylor consistently creates and executes designs that are custom-made for each individual client. Their ideas are fresh and innovative while remaining comfortable and made for easy-living. Whether you want a whimsical space or a clean and simple sanctuary, Madison Taylor can do it all.

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The Bridge House Project

Dan Brunn Architecture is bringing a new kind of home to Los Angeles’ ritzy Hancock Park neighborhoodand it might just be his biggest challenge to date.  Introducing Bridge House, a one-of-a-kind, net-zero energy home that, when completed, will stretch 210 feet across the grounds, literally bridging across a brook in an architectural maneuver that gives the project its name. A collaboration between the Los Angeles-based architecture firm and Dwell, Bridge House embodies innovations in technology, architecture and lifestyle and aims to redefine what a house of the future can be.

A Bit of Background

This plot of land wasn’t always destined for such greatness. When Dan Brunn, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, purchased the property, he intended to simply renovate the existing home. But after a visit to the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island, he was inspired by the dramatic driveways that serve as focal points for many of the area’s homes. "One thing I loved was entering through the huge motor court," says Brunn. "Everything starts from the car." Rather than situating the home toward the front of the lot, Brunn realized that a system of 20-foot modules spanning the length of the plot would not only provide the processional entrance he desired, it would also allow the home to traverse the stream and better engage the landscaping to create a structure that looks as if it floats in nature.  “I wanted to create a groundbreaking, ‘floating’ retreat perfectly saddled over a bubbling stream located on the property. We truly are creating an inhabitable bridge over a stream. Peaceful. Tranquil. And, not quite what you would expect in the hustle and bustle of LA living,” shares Brunn.

The Design

Redefining the traditional one-story home into a 4,500 square foot rectangle that spans 210 feet long and 20 feet wide is not without its challenges, however. Enter BONE Structure, a modular steel construction system tailor-made for each unique project that’s paving the future for building technology. Through creative development and collaboration with the innovative company, the structural undertaking of Bridge House was made possible.

Every aspect of the home was designed from a computer, then each part of the home was constructed and shipped directly to the construction site. From there, it was like putting Legos togethereach portion of the home fits together piece by piece. But ease of assembly isn’t the only perk of this impressive steel skeleton. It’s also extremely sustainable, highly cost effective and doesn’t require interior load bearing walls, offering complete freedom of interior customization and design.

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of this project is its commitment to sustainability. Brunn has partnered with a number of forward-thinking brands, including Caesarstone, to bring his progressive vision to life. From energy-efficient windows and home appliances to solar panels that will power everything inside the home, Bridge House is designed to be net-zero, producing as much energy as it consumes. “Many of the partners and I are charting new ground with Bridge House, and in the end, we get to show our clients the potential of a net-zero energy build,” Brunn said.

The home will also be responsive to the natural environment around ita key takeaway from the project.  Brunn hopes to show people that we can’t simply think about the design of a building alone, we also need to consider how that building is connected to its site. Take, for example, the way the home is situated. It has no front yard/backyard but rather, it’s all one giant yard. You’re constantly in nature on any given point of the house instead of looking at nature, which is one of the biggest gains of this house,” Brunn continues.

The Purpose

Bridge House will be Brunn’s first solar home. He plans to use it as a showcase for his business and all of the sustainable products he’s using to build it. “Maybe this will spearhead othersdevelopers, architects, homeownersto be a part of this and to say, ‘You know what, let's rethink how we do things.’ I encourage others to try and push the envelope forward instead of just saying, ‘Okay, well this is how we have to build in Los Angeles.’”

Caesarstone will follow Dan Brunn’s Bridge House journey on the Interior Collective and social media channels. Follow Caesarstone and Bridge House LA on Instagram to stay up to date on this innovative building project as it unfolds.

Designer Spotlight | Feinmann

This year marks the 40th annual Qualified Remodeler Master Design Awards and we’ve got the inside scoop on the gold prize winner, Feinmann. For over 30 years, Feinmann has helped to create smart, beautiful spaces in the greater Boston area.

They specialize in whole-house renovations, additions and kitchen and bathroom remodels ranging from traditional to transitional to modern styles. Driving every detail of their clients’ projects from initial design concept through construction, Feinmann is a trusted partner of choice when it comes to transforming the way clients live in their homes. It comes down to blending their clients’ ideas and vision with creative, award winning solutions.

All photography by Nat Rea Photography | 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

For this Newton, Massachusetts residence, Feinmann was faced with no easy challenge: transform a once cramped and cluttered home into a spacious, modern masterpiece. The team was inspired by the homeowners’ Japanese heritage and based their design upon the principle of yin and yang by mixing traditional and contemporary styles, as well as light and dark elements.

The first step was to break down the wall between the kitchen and dining room in order to create one cohesive space. An abundance of natural light was integrated into the design, thus helping the home feel airy and uplifting.

"Wood" you believe us if we said the focal point of the kitchen and dining room was, well, a wooden kitchen island? A breathtaking live edge walnut island stands front and center in the kitchen.

But of course, an award-winning kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a little Caesarstone. “We love the durability of Caesarstone and we were looking for a neutral counter that didn’t compete with our live edge island, while providing a sleek, modern look for the space,” says Peter Feinmann. While family and friends can gather around the kitchen island for drinks, the prep work can be done on the Calacatta Nuvo countertops, which are scratch-resistant and easily cleaned.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

Gone are the days when the owners of this house will be strapped for storage space: the once small pantry was extended to be the length and height of the entire kitchen.

When you're finished admiring the gorgeous counters and abundant storage, check out the built-in office space. An expansive desk and open shelving ensure that you can have your cake and eat it, too—while responding to those end-of-the-day work emails, of course.

The matte white tiles used as a backsplash coupled with the white counters and maple cabinets produce a monochromatic color scheme for contemporary appeal. The vivid artwork created by the gifted homeowner stands front and center, offering a lively pop of color to the otherwise neutral space.

One thing is for sure: Feinmann is a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to seeing more of their unique, ingenious designs in the future.

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Caroline Pinkston’s Kitchen Reveal

Meet Caroline Pinkston and Jenn Rose Smith, two young professionals who work for the popular lifestyle blog, Camille Styles. While both interior design lovers by nature, neither work professionally in the field. Caroline works as the Director of Partnerships for the blog, and Jenn Rose as an art director and writer. So when it came time for Caroline to remodel her kitchen, you can imagine Jenn Rose's surprise when Caroline asked her to be the one to design it. With excellent taste and a knack for visualizing spaces, Caroline had no doubts Jenn Rose was the obvious choice for the job and lucky for her, Jenn Rose was up for the challenge.

All Photography by Molly Culver | 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

Caroline and her husband Christopher purchased a beautiful, ranch-style home in Cherrywood, Texas. The challenge was to transform the mid-century house, which was filled with dated appliances and bland design, from drab to darling. Another twist to the project? It all had to be completed by the time Caroline’s baby would be born in late August.

Caroline and Jenn Rose decided to uplift the cabinetry with a fresh coat of cheery, green paint. While Caroline initially had her reservations about the bold color, she was quick to fall in love with it after she took the plunge and saw the finished cabinets. Light wood-inspired laminate replaced difficult-to-clean checkered flooring and Calacatta Nuvo countertops balance out the richness of the cabinet color.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

The countertops have a light veining which helps bring in an element of modernity to an otherwise traditional white countertop. Additionally, having a baby is a messy job, which is why Caroline made sure all of her kitchen appliances are easy to clean and maintain—especially her countertops.

Caroline and Christopher traded in their old refrigerator for a stainless steel model with French-style doors and a freezer drawer. This upgrade allows them to have additional storage for baby food, salads and wine (at least that’s what we'd stock our fridge with!).

The previous pendant light shades used over the island were replaced with two that Camille had handy. An additional light in the center of the kitchen boasting black finishes helps to pull the space together. Flat black hardware was used to complement the green cabinets and light counters.

Want to have open shelving without compromising on storage? Take a page out of Jenn Rose and Caroline’s book: replace a select few of your kitchen cabinets with open shelves but leave your upper cabinets in place. This helps to open up your space and make it feel more modern while still ensuring there is plenty of room for baby bottles and chocolate bars (again, just what we would want in our cabinets).

A thoroughly unique and breathtaking brick-inspired backsplash wraps around the kitchen and extends from countertop to open shelving. Meanwhile, a small, ornately decorated rug and warm toned bud vases provide additional pops of color.

The project was finished just in the nick of time: baby Tom was born mere days after this photoshoot took place! We wish Caroline, Christopher, Tom and their furry feline friend nothing but health, happiness and plenty of new memories in their newly renovated kitchen!

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House Tour | Emblem Condos by Bozzuto

The curtain to this month’s house tour opens on the bustling, bright city of Washington, D.C. Bozzuto Construction has designed a series of condos by the Barracks Row and Navy Yard called Emblem. These condos, five of which are penthouses, are nestled above two retail bays on the first floor. They feature minimalist form and European function with an emphasis on high-style color contrasts. Each condominium boasts a one-of-a-kind floor plan, modern finishes and floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow residents to take in the breathtaking D.C. skyline and Washington Monument any time they please.

All photos: Linen & Lens Photography | 4120 Raven

The light wood tones of the floors in each kitchen play off of the contrasting bright white and charcoal grey kitchen features for a clean-lined design well suited for condo living. You feel warmth without weight, uniquely blended with light-filled interiors and neutral color palettes to accent a bold style.

4120 Raven

Emblem kitchens aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re built for function as well. Charcoal Shaker-style base cabinets and flat-panel white wall cabinets enhance the modern character of this metropolitan space.

4120 Raven

Raven quartz is used for the kitchen countertops and islands, which ensures cleanup will be a breeze. Matte brass hardware complements the slate grey of the quartz without distracting from its slightly dappled look, which adds texture and a tactile appearance.

A few of the condos boast spiral staircases, which lead to airy upstairs lofts that are perfect for workspaces, yoga studios or even a second bedroom.

5143 White Attica

All bathrooms feature floating white vanities and a fresh, clean design. White Attica tops this bathroom countertop, giving the room a fun dose of texture and sophistication. The addition of modern chrome Kohler fittings and built-in shower shelving is both sophisticated and practical.

Speaking of sophisticated, we wouldn't mind sipping a Manhattan while lounging in this neutral-toned living room overlooking the city. A pop of greenery and a captivating piece of wall art brighten up the space.

While many of the condos in this modern complex are already sold, there are still a few available. Who could resist such a unique, contemporary dream home? Certainly not us... We’d take all 20 if we could.


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Designer Spotlight | The Pankonien Group

Since 2004, Laura Pankonien has been designing whole-home interiors and managing kitchen and bath renovations in the Austin area with her design + build firm, The Pankonien Group. Laura is known for designing classic interiors, infusing her designs with modern touches of color and texture and creating spaces that are the perfect reflection of her clients' personal styles. Laura’s timeless aesthetic and unique vision pair with her clients’ inspirations to bring each of her spaces to life.

Case in point: a modern farmhouse B&B located right outside of Dripping Springs, Texas. Originally a 7 bed, 3 bath Victorian-style home, The Pankonien Group overhauled the space with a to-the-studs remodel that included tearing out the kitchen and baths to create a new 7 bed, 5 bath house. The design concept focused on a cohesive, classic and on-trend clean farmhouse style with the durability needed for in-demand vacation rental.

Because the space serves as a vacation rental rather than a normal client home, "we needed a beautiful countertop that would also stand up to the demands of large parties," says Laura. Caesarstone is a "perfect fit with the look and design of most of our kitchen and bath designs," she continues. An island adorned with Calacatta Nuvo sits center-stage in this nearly all-white kitchen. Plenty of overhead lighting and open shelving make the space look fresh and modern.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

"Creating unique bathrooms for each guest space was a fun challenge," Laura says. "We paired Caesarstone Pure White and Calacatta Nuvo countertops with a mix of bold concrete patterned tile, subtle brick textures and neutral tile patterns, like the large-frame herringbone on the master bath floor."

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

A framed antique mirror was put in the window casing of one of the upstairs bathroom vanities, giving it a truly unique look. Pure White countertops compliment the bold floor tile pattern and dark teal cabinetry.   

 Pure White 1141

Another showstopping example of The Pankonien Group's talents is the Westlake Drive Home. Originally an ornate traditional Spanish-style home with dated, country-french decor, The Pankonien Group decided to give the home a fresh modern twist for a fun family of five. An aesthetic of clean-lined, neutral and traditional furnishings with bold pops of color and texture is used throughout the home.

The family members will have no trouble keeping their guests entertained with their new at-home bar. The bar is comprised of white oak cabinetry and a White Attica countertop with waterfall edge, making for a perfect conversation starter.

5143 White Attica

The Pankonien Group's favorite room in this home, however, is the bathroom. "The periwinkle cabinet and printed metallic grasscloth wallpaper in the powder bath contrast with the neutral Calacatta Nuvo counter," says Laura. The texture in the wallpaper provides a nice balance to the modern, sleek look of the countertop.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

So what is the secret to The Pankonien Group's success? "We always start by assessing the architecture and space plan. Since we often work with large open floor plans and clients who entertain large groups, good flow is key to a successful space," says Laura. We have no doubt that this interior design team will continue to produce unique and functional spaces that combine bold and modern elements. We'll be keeping an eye out for more stunning designs from this group, as should you!

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